With the big stage of DreamHack only two short weeks away, teams have started to prepare for their initial matches at the Elmia. Each group features not only fierce competition, but an international flair as well.

Group A - compLexity Gaming vs Neo.MRR and Druidz eSport vs Team WE

Worlds collide in these group A match ups. The American Hope, compLexity Gaming, takes on the top team from the Thai Region, Neo.MRR. This marks the first LAN event for the former Nullstone players, while MRR boasts more LAN experience than perhaps any HoN team in the world, though this is only a return DreamHack appearance for two of their players. On the other side, Druidz eSport have multiple DreamHack appearances under their belt, and even a finalist in their midst. Their opponents, China's Team WE, share some LAN experience, but it is the HoN experience they lack. Team WE's performance at the World Finals left something to be desired, but now they have a shot at redemption for the proud region.

Group B - Sync eSports vs Snoop Dogg and Reason Gaming vs Bad Monkey Gaming

It's a story of retribution for Group B's marquee match. Sync eSports marched to Thailand as the world's best team, only to be stopped by the region's shining stars, Acer.DD0G and MiTH.HBX. Only the boys from Snoop Dogg made it to Jönköping, but they're looking to once more take down Sync in an opening match. For Sync, their pride is on the line, as this time they will be on their home soil, and will have their eyes wide open. On the other side of things, Europeans clash in this battle of the DreamHack newbies. The World Champion BMG team has been looking shaky, but Reason Gaming is as strong as ever. Provided their car does not break down on the way over, Reason should put up a damned good fight.

The festivities all start on Saturday, June 13th, as these four matches take the stage. Eight of the world's best teams, all under the same roof. Get ready for DreamHack Summer 2021!