[HoN Tour Season 4 - Rules Update]

Starting Friday, August 28, a new rule will allow inter-division transfers: during a Cycle, players who already played are now allowed to join a higher division team, while still being forbidden to play for multiple teams in the same or lower division based on the Player rules. The following has been added to the rules:
2.4. Season - Roster adds and limitations
f) Inter-division transfers:
- during a Cycle, a player that has participated in a division event may join a higher division team only once per Cycle (specifically a Silver player may join a Gold or Diamond team, and a Gold player may join a Diamond team), after which such player isn't allowed to re-join the previous team or join a new team until the end of the respective Cycle.
- during a Cycle, if a player is part of a division team but hasn't participated yet in a division event, such player may join a new team (no matter the division) and it is considered a normal roster addition, after which an inter-division transfer may happen.
- the inter-division transfer, re-joining the previous team after transfer and joining a new team are all considered roster additions that count towards the limit from rule 2.4.b).

~ The Admin Team