Morten “gordob” Breivik, can you help us get to know the person behind this name?

Sure! My name is Morten Breivik, I am 21 years old and live in Norway. My history with eSports is Counter Strike 1.6 and HoN basically. I also played some casual Dota for some months before I started with HoN.

You were quite a known player as wae_to_brei before you changed your nickname to “gordob.” Can you enlighten us on why you chose those names and why you decided to change?

I started playing HoN under the name Breivik, which I had to change. So I changed it to wae_to_brei (“Brei” because it is the start of my last name). I also reset and decided to try to go for 100-0 win/lose and reached pretty far actually.

Honestly I didn’t know that so many people knew my name. The problem was that I had a reputation as a Tryhard Pubstar, so when I started playing in a team I changed my name to get a fresh start. There were high expectations and the “haters” were really frustrating in the phase of trying to become a better player. So I changed my account name to gordob. The name has actually no meaning; it was just a random nickname change.

You have been playing MOBA for a very long time. What interests you in these types of games, and what is so good about HoN that attracts you?

I have been playing MOBA games since 2024, when I started with Dota and decided to play HoN. No delay and faster gameplay were probably the main reasons why I chose it over Dota. I had some friends that forced me to play with them, so thanks to my friends for showing me the game!

Pikachu has started to be known as one of the teams to be feared; why do you feel your team works well together?

We have been working our way up for quite some time now, starting when I played under the name wae_to_brei when I met TPSPriceless in a random TMM game and we decided to make a team together. I think we have been on the same team since then. That was when Pikachu officially started.

We have had some ups and downs the past couple of months, and right now I don’t know what to say about us. I really hope we can shape up and become more stable as a team. We always tend to shape up when we play tourneys. So I think one hundred percent focus and solid team play is why we have been doing well in some of the past tourneys.

Right now we have 7 players in the roster: gordob, Buch, TPSPriceless, probusk, Nir, OwnedMe and SoLeN. Hopefully we can shape up as a team and stay strong throughout HoN Tour!

And the inevitable question everyone is curious about: are there any teams/players who concern you and your team in HoN Tour?

I don’t know if I speak for myself or the whole team when I say we fear all the top 15 teams out there. Anything can happen, as we experienced in the latest DreamHoN tourney.

To all of the less experienced players out there, can you talk about how you became a “competitive” player in the Heroes of Newerth scene? How much did you practice, and what sacrifices did you make to achieve your goal in eSports?

It is not much to say really. You just have to enjoy playing the game and learn to play all the different heroes to get as much knowledge as possible. The rest comes with time—the more you play the better you get.

I don’t feel like I have sacrificed anything by becoming a competitive player. Maybe some grades could’ve been better, but that is basically it! Right now I am studying and playing football on the side.

Thank you for sitting down with me Morten, you have always been a good friend of mine and I wish you the best of luck in future! Do you have any shoutouts you would like to do?

Thanks, my pleasure. It is always nice to speak with you RoLanD! I just want to give a big shoutout to my team and to S2 Games for making HoN Tour happen!

- RoLanD