HoN Tour Season 4 is the season of more. Changes to the Diamond Division give teams the opportunity to play through a heated, round robin group stage. In addition, the top four teams earn a chance to show their stuff in the action packed Playoffs, taking a shot at more money and more big plays. Join us in casting your vote for categories like Best Game, Most Improved, or Most Valuable player.

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While there are certainly core Heroes that can be seen every day in TMM or each weekend in HoN Tour, there are those that stand out. Those that make you message a friend and tell them to tune in. This category is for the Hero picks that made you most excited to watch a game of HoN and see their skills put to use.

While a team’s success ultimately lies in the hands of five players and their consistent performance, occasionally a standout player can put their team on their back and forge a path to victory. This category celebrates that players with a singular game that stands out, as their skills were put to the test, bending but never broken.

When watching HoN eSports many are cheering for the big name players and the star studded squads, but everyone has to start somewhere. This category is to praise players that have stuck with it and made big improvements in their play, well on their way to a star of their own.

Each cycle we get dozens of games featuring huge numbers of different player and hero combinations, but despite it all, we’ll only remember a select few games. This category is for those memorable games, the ones that make us jump out of our chairs and yell for joy. The big comebacks or the perfectly executed wombo combo, this one is for the best game of the cycle.

A team consists of five players, but not all players are created equal. Each week our competitors give it their all for fans, glory, and prizing, but most importantly, for the win. This category is for the players that stood out above the rest, those that helped their team achieve victory against all odds and brought their team to the forefront - the Most Valuable Player.

Cast your vote for each category and join BreakyCPK for the Honcast Podcast this Friday to catch the winners and catch up on all the action. It all starts at 2pm EDT | 2021 CEST so be there!