Last week Kookies (captain of WOP DASH, formerly known as The Mystery Gang) was in-game banned for reasons unrelated to HoN Tour, and based on HoN Tour's Eligibility rules he was not allowed to play in the final weekend of Gold Cycle 6 (Dec 12-13) and Relegation Match (Dec 17, WOP DASH vs. Nightmare Knights). On Saturday, December 12th, the team added jistman to play instead of Kookiess while he was banned. During the Relegation Match on Thursday, December 17th, we received a report that Kookiess was using jistman's account - account sharing is prohibited by both HoN Tour rules and HoN 's Terms of Service. After primary investigation we cancelled the match pending a final decision.

Kookiess was found guilty of account sharing in order to avoid the Eligibility rules during the final weekend of Gold Cycle 6 and the Relegation Match. While this isn't a case of dirty ringing as Kookiess was already part of the team, it's still a grave offence and penalties have been applied accordingly.

Penalties applied
1) One Official Warning for jistman and all WOP DASH players involved in the respective matches.
2) Kookiess: a total of two Official warnings (first for avoiding the Eligibility rules and second for account sharing).
3) WOP DASH is disqualified from Cycle 6 Relegation Match, but will remain in Gold division in the following cycle.

Replacement team
In the spirit of overall fairness towards the league format, LGT Gaming (3rd Place in Gold Cycle 6) will take the empty spot in the Relegation Match - LGT Gaming vs. Nightmare Knights will be played at a time suitable for both teams.

RAP related actions
Additionally, as account sharing is against HoN's Terms of Service the situation was reported to the appropriate staff member. Both Kookiess and jistman were in-game banned for a month.

The following HoN Tour rules were applied in this incident. For full set of rules please go to
2. Definitions
t) Account sharing - Giving your account’s password to another person, and such person using your account is considered account sharing. Account sharing is prohibited.

3. Players and Teams - 1.1. Eligibility
b) If a player is banned from Heroes of Newerth, such player will not be allowed to play in HoN Tour events for the duration of the ban.

5. Penalties - 4. Account sharing - Penalties
Upon investigation, if a player is found to have shared their account (another person has used any alt account in the account cluster) the player will be advised to change the account’s password and:
a) Conclusive proof (intentional share): such a player will receive one Official Warning.
b) Inconclusive proof: such player may receive a Verbal Warning if needed.

5. Penalties - 11. Penalties Disclaimer
If the player commits a gross infraction of the Rules a harsher penalty may be applied as needed and at Admin discretion. Penalties may be issued up to and including temporary or permanent bans from events.

~ The Admin Team