The weekly cups no longer feature a specific avatar, instead the 1st placed teams will receive random avatars out of the eSport Bag that they don't already own. The eSports Bag is a list of 30 avatars that will be changed monthly, it can not be purchased or redeemed ingame. The avatars will be awarded manually based on the ticket submitted by the team representatives. If a player wins an eSports Bag in European Cup he isn’t eligible to receive another avatar in Americas Cup and vice versa during the same week, and these extra avatars will be given to players from the next place.
The March eSports Bag contains:
Aluna - Stardust Aluna
Amun-Ra - Risen Ra
Bubbles - Steam Mage Bubbles
Calamity - Rhadamanthus
Corrupted Disciple - Steampunk Disciple
Cthulhuphant - Royal Cthulhuphant
Deadlift - Medevac
Draconis - Knightslayer
Emerald Warden - Chang Mai
Empath - Lust
Gravekeeper - Wave Queen Hestia
Gunblade - Tyr
Hellbringer - Arimane the Pit Lord
Kinesis - Kinesia
Klanx - Doomsday Klanx
Lord Salforis - Baron of Blackwal
Maliken - Humility
Martyr - Unum
Pebbles - Siege Golem Pebbles
Pharaoh - Anubis Pharaoh
Prisoner 945 - Temperance
Pyromancer - Steampunk Pyromancer
Pyromancer - Blaze
Riftwalker - Possessed Riftwalker
Silhouette - Sileena
Swiftblade - Kissaki
The Madman - MadCat Madman
War Beast - Horseman War
Witch Slayer - Bangkok Slayer
Zephyr - Horus

~The Admin Team