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During the Bronze Event EU, an unlimited number of teams can compete for 1,600$ every Cycle, while the schedule is tailored for EU timezone.

Event Structure

-Runtime: January 05th, 2021 to January 13th, 2021.

-Entry Limit: 512.

-5 v 5 (Teamplay, 5 players per team).

-Single Elimination.

-Best of 3 Rounds

-Points and Prizing

-Matches will be held Saturday and Sundays at 09:00 EST / 15:00 CET and 12:30 EST / 18:30 CET.

Game Settings

-Game Mode: Lock Pick, 5 v 5, Forests of Caldavar.

-Based on the region you selected when creating a Hon Tour team, the system automatically chooses a server based on your opponent's region and randomly assigns you to Legion or Hellbourne. Sides are rotated after every game.

During the Match

-In case of an in-game dispute, pause the game and contact a match admin.

-In the case that both teams cannot agree on a decision or an admin is not available, the remainder of the match will be played out and the teams can submit the replay match ID for an admin to review/appeal afterward.

-Teams are allowed to remake the game if a remake vote succeeds.

Please make sure to check out the entire list of rules before entering.

Last Updated 11 / 30 / 2021

Latest 100 Entered Teams

Team Name Tag Points

The Hug Bears[THBs]300 pts

Oj Yellow Lanes[OJAY]260 pts

Wards Overrated[wO]160 pts

kilers in hon and rh[KILE]295 pts

Drys Akademiet[Drys]125 pts

Basement Warriors[wSt]101 pts

All about Randoming[AaR]101 pts

a Touch of Class[AToC]188 pts


Little Pink Unicorns[LPU]120 pts

Carried by Martin [CbM]60 pts

Novi Pirat[Novi]50 pts

Poor Liam N Friends[PLaF]50 pts

Leos Lejon[LL]50 pts

uneXpected Gaming[uXG]50 pts

Too Retarded[2RdD]125 pts

Midget Mafia v3[MMv3]125 pts

Dishonored[xDis]110 pts

Cro Plan[CP]90 pts

BicuriousHoneyBadger[BiCu]85 pts

TeknisGaming[TEG]70 pts

Friday[Fday]61 pts

Nintendo 64 fans[n6fo]55 pts

Small Sons[SMAL]35 pts

Laxfiskarna[LaX]25 pts

Goudas Glorie[GOGL]12 pts

Pro kids[K1DS]25 pts

Infinity Squad[iSQ]25 pts

need more ship[LSD]25 pts

default[dasd]145 pts

Houkago Tea Time[HTT]75 pts

Bulgarian N1njas[BGN]65 pts

Peep show[Peep]61 pts


50 Shades of gay[50]46 pts

DawnBringers[BotD]36 pts

SavageFuckingVikings[SFV]35 pts

Channel Mehh[Mehh]36 pts

Dagens Lunch[DaLu]36 pts

MehuPojat[M3hu]31 pts

Grow uP Gaming[uP]35 pts

Beer Vodka inc[Bevo]31 pts

Smaksak and Sons[Smsk]26 pts

LimpilainenIsTheShit[LITS]30 pts

International Breakf[IntB]25 pts

Kneipenterroristen[BAM]22 pts

Team Zorfix[ZFX]17 pts

Skypebrothers[SKBB]25 pts

socknen4life[socn]16 pts

Intention eSports[B003]17 pts

We Own Newerth[WON]25 pts

Fat and Happy[FnH]16 pts

Sons Of Shaka[SOSH]21 pts

SwagMcDad[SWAG]8 pts

BAITGRUPP1[B8]10 pts

GG i was solstice[Sols]10 pts

Throw Squad[TSQQ]10 pts

TheLastDinosaurs[TLD]5 pts

Number 2 [Nr2]10 pts

Stop Exploding[ZAPP]10 pts

Dictatorship[uDic]200 pts

eGern[eGrn]100 pts

UniBear[UniB]90 pts

Z3 SchtrichahZ[Il]80 pts

Re and Ha[reHa]75 pts

Testie Fan Club[ATFC]75 pts

MVP Open Group Slot[MOG]70 pts

Skilled R Warriors[RRRR]61 pts

Down to fuck[D2F]56 pts

Team Shenanigans[Shen]56 pts

Tibia for life[T4L]51 pts

Gfusion[Gnet]55 pts

The Horseclan[THCi]50 pts

Tjorremansland[TjML]51 pts

Zubmit and Sons[ZnS]41 pts

Drunk Guys1[Pivo]36 pts

YOLO420[Y420]41 pts

Just For Fun[JFF]41 pts

Scout CO [ScCO]37 pts

Zane noob team[ZNT]31 pts

Baguette[CBag]36 pts

KAZE Crew[KAZE]36 pts

lGGG[lGGG]35 pts

Forever Alone Party[FAPB]35 pts

Baby Pudding[Babs]31 pts

Emils Anglar[AnGs]25 pts

Ulan Bator[ULAB]26 pts

the last Honor[tlH]22 pts

Viet Pr1de[vPd]26 pts

SealCubClubbingClub[SCCC]20 pts

Titans[TiiT]25 pts

dan e nab[deb]25 pts

No Help[NoHp]25 pts

Team NoNames[NoNa]15 pts

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