A History in Jungling

Dendis jungldevos, or "PUDG", is a relatively young, all Norwegian-speaking team on the competitive scene.

MEGABEVeR met Tjore and ultimaDEFEND when he was looking for two players to fill open spots in his Bx3 team, and together they went on to play in one of the Q squads for a while.

In August, MEGABEVeR decided to create his own team and invited Paalis and Petob, with whom he had played a lot with recently.

After playing a couple of scrims and joining a few tournaments, they decided that it was working very well and PUDG was born and ready to rumble. With a third place finish in the Clan Lady Summer Tournament, beating Druidz eSports in the Bronze Final after barely losing to Pikachu 1-2, and beating KheZu and Friends 2-0 during the DreamHoN Redemption, which MEGABEVeR sees as quite an achievement, PUDG was well on their way making a name for themselves.

However, things have not always been smooth in their time together. Petob had to join the army for a time in September and when he came back, Tjore and ultimaDEFEND took part in an exhausting but successful tournament defending some ominous Ancients. This led to PUDG getting eliminated right away in the Destination DreamHack in a disastrous loss against Team Kierk.

Using this loss as a motivation for the future, MEGABEVeR and the others started playing together as a team again and focused on scrimming, becoming the contender for Diamond that they now are.

Here and Now - The Team

MEGABEVeR, the founder of Dendis jungldevos, is the designated drafter of the team and usually plays the support role. He is not afraid to build his team around unusual hero choices and the success of his team is proof that he is doing good work.

A man with nerves of steel, ultimaDEFEND has not only the English-friendliest name, he also plays the suicide role in PUDG and is the go-to guy when things require a little finesse.

Tjore carries the team. He is proficient with a lot of carry heroes, but can also play a decent jungle War Beast in times of need. Watch out for him in the late game!

The fourth player, Paalis, usually plays dual mid lane together with MEGABEVeR, pressuring the enemy team and dominating them easily if they do not watch out. In times of need he can play a solo role very well too.

And then there is Petob, the final jungldevos and the most versatile of them all; you can see him play a solo hero in one game, then dual mid, jungle a third and who knows what in the game after that.

With ages ranging from 19 to 21, these guys are a young and eager team and should not be underestimated!

HoN Tour and beyond

Dendis jungldevos are a hot contender for the Diamond league in HoN Tour, and that is what they are aiming and training for these days. After beating One Trick Pony last weekend in a thrilling 2-1 series that involved unusual heroes and recovering from an early disadvantage, they are indeed on their way to Diamond greatness.

Next stop for the PUDG train is Prestiqious on Saturday—good luck to both teams.

Looking ahead they also want to qualify for the next DreamHack in Summer 2024, and they will not get sidetracked by different games or military service this time!


Dendis jungldevos is a strange name for a team, and many have wondered where it comes from. It was a name they decided on the spot when founding the team, after having been inspired by the video of a player named Dendi from NaVi.dota jungling with Pudge.

Also, the name MEGABEVeR is indeed spoken like "beaver," it's just the Norwegian version.

However, Petob, Paalis and Tjore have yet to be pronounced correctly in HoNCast...

- Blaze

From HoNCast: HoN Tour Qualifiers Ro64 - PUDG vs OTP

Game 1

Game 2

Game 3