HoNCast has put together some polls leading up to DreamHack Winter 2024!

Cast your vote now and watch HoN Tour Weekly on Tuesday, November 13th for the results and predictions from BreakyCPK and Tralfamadore.

We’ll also be proclaiming our Bold Predictions for DreamHack Winter 2024. Tweet your daring prophesies to @honcast, and make sure to hashtag them #dhwbold.

If your prediction is bold enough, we'll mention it on HoN Tour Weekly and give you a shoutout.

Example - “Orange eSports will go 8-2 in Group A and win the group as a result.” #dhwbold


Which non-EU/NA Team will do the best?

Which two teams will advance from Group A

Which two teams will advance from Group B

Which team will win DreamHack Winter 2024