To finish our recap collection on the first HoN Tour cycle of last weekend, we have the US Bronze Division Grand Final where [DonD]DoberOnDamp faced off against [Jok]Clan Jok.

Game 1

In the first game of the series, we saw Jok on the Legion side. Their picks turned out to be Parasite for MartyMcFlyy, yedi on Wildsoul, YKX on Pharaoh, `TimTebow chose Martyr and Pmotion on Devourer.

On the Hellbourne side, DonD selected
Aluna for Porch, Dobermon chose his signature Dampeer, y0lo` on Bubbles, GetsCarried selected Tempest and Tha_Machine with Pebbles.

The game started at a moderate pace. Most unusual was the top lane for Jok, as they sent Devourer and Martyr to go against a Pebbles and Aluna lane. Midlane was a little special too, where Wildsoul and Dampeer went at each other. It was the top lane where the first action happened, when Tempest snuck up from behind and got Bloodlust on Martyr before falling to Devourer himself.

Over the next few minutes DonD managed to score several hero kills with few losses on their own side, gaining an early lead in both XP and gold. Jok was suffering on all fronts, and it seemed nothing worked out as planned. Even a gank on Bubbles failed, but that was more because of a big play by Bubbles. Following that up we had several teamfights that only increased the lead of DonD.

Indeed it looked so bleak for Jok that a concede vote was started after another lost fight and the additional loss of two towers, but at the same time Wildsoul took down a tower himself and they decided to try once more before conceding the game. Wildsoul escaped from a gank by DonD after destroying the tower, but for that, Martyr and Pharaoh had to give their lives in the course of the battle, making it a Pyrrhic victory at best, especially because Wildsoul died in the next encounter only a few seconds after.

And this time it was enough to convince Jok that this game was lost. DonD wins the first game!

The amazing BeefPotPie shoutcasted this series. Here is Game 1:

Game 2

DonD was on the Legion side this time. They selected Aluna for Porch, Dobermon once again played Dampeer, y0lo` chose Pestilence, GetsCarried played Monarch and finally Tha_Machine on Silhouette.

Jok was aware that this could be their last and only chance to turn the tide, so they picked far more traditionally this time. MartyMcFlyy got himself Moraxus, yedi on Draconis, YKX on Engineer, `TimTebow on Plague Rider and Pmotion on Bubbles.

The game started out like last time with not too much action going on until Engineer used his illusions from an Illusion Rune to play mind games with DonD and set up a gank on Aluna on the bottom lane, the Bloodlust being scored by Plague Rider. This early success was overshadowed by the death of Bubbles on the top lane that quickly followed. Again it seemed that every success cost Jok dearly and just like before, DonD was in a good position right away.

Engineer set up a gank once again, this time with the help of an Invisibility Rune, and kept Jok in the game by doing so. Again they were successful shortly after, gaining a lead in kills while keeping both XP and gold balanced at minute 10. Now it was DonD’ss turn to make some plays. Dampeer got several kills with a little help from his teammates and soon enough it looked in favor of DonD again.

With Portal Keys now on several of their heroes, DonD made aggressive plays and were rewarded with kills on Jok. A teamfight in the Hellbourne jungle resulted in more kills for DonD and they also managed to finally kill Draconis, even forcing him to buy back into the game. Draconis was the main hope for Jok, having by far the biggest GPM and they ability to put out a lot of damage, as they proved several minutes later.

But once again DonD was able to bring their significant lead into play. In the next teamfight they demolished Jok and took the secondary middle tower, even pushing a little into the Hellbourne base before retreating to safety. And when Jok started to battle Kongor, DonD simply pushed mid and easily destroyed two towers and both top barracks, a costly trade for Jok for sure.

What followed was a very passive play by both teams, as they both wanted to finish more items on their heroes. Another attempt at taking the middle tower and barracks resulted in a defeat for DonD for a change. The tower was destroyed but nothing more and they lost four heroes while Jok fared much better. Another teamfight ensued soon after, this time initiated by Jok, who almost annihilated DonD. Clan Jok went all-out by buying a Doombringer on Draconis. It was now or never.

Both teams took a short break, farming a little more and then all hell broke loose. Jok rushed into the Legion base while Pestilence and Silhouette attacked the Hellbourne barracks in a surprise move, starting an exciting base race. As Hellbourne lost the last of their barracks, Pestilence and Silhouette ported back into their base where Draconis had already laid waste to both World Tree towers and was now pounding the tree itself. An epic combat followed and at the end it was DonD who were still standing. With now both a Doombringer and mega creeps, there was nothing left standing in the way to become the Bronze US Champions.

Congratu—but wait, Jok is coming back again? Indeed, while DonD was recovering and setting up their final push, Jok snuck into the Legion base with several heroes to finally bring the tree down. It got very close to being destroyed, but a 600 damage Silhouette with Riftshards and a quick response by the other players crushed that last attempt on taking the victory away from them.

So with mega creeps in their base, the Hellbourne now fina—now a wild Bubbles has appeared at the Legion World Tree! No Joke, Clan Jok attempts it once more with their last standing hero. Alas, DonD left guards this time, and the Hellbourne Shrine fell to the mega creeps before Bubbles could destroy the tree. But what an exciting match in the end!

DonD finally took the game, winning 2-0 to become the Bronze US Cycle 1 Champion. Congratulations, well played both teams and good luck in the Silver Division!

And here is BeefPotPie’s shoutcast of the game: