The first HoN Tour cycle has finished! And it has been an eventful one for every team. Some teams have ascended while others were not strong enough to prevail in their league, and QsQ has experienced some serious ups and downs. Last week we had an intense comeback after a really bad start and the team was looking forward to playing on in the tournament.

The first opponent on Saturday was the one who almost made QsQ drop to Gold last week: Fortune Bakery (now [aL]Absolute Legends). The guys were hot for a rematch. Sadly NoVa had to sit this day out because of an important real-life event, but Slate was eager to play and Style felt confident about being the drafter.

During the games it felt like QsQ had everything under control. While the first game could have gone either way for a long time, the second game was pretty clear, at least it seemed like that for me as I could only tell from their chatter. Everyone was doing a good job, Slate fit right into the team and Style drafted so well, fbk was in a terrible position during the second game.

It did not take too long and the match was decided—QsQ won 2-0, getting payback for last week and advancing. At this point a small anecdote: Nova was away all day but wanted to know the results right away, so he asked Style to send him a message on his phone when the game ended. Style sent something like "We completely lost and got bashed, no idea why...just kidding, we won!" But because Nova was busy at the time, he only read the first part and must have felt terrible before he finally read the whole message.

Poor supports—always made to suffer, even when they are not in the game.

Moving on, the next opponent was still to be determined because [LION]Lions Esports and [coL]compLexityGaming took what felt forever to finish their matches. So it got later and later and because of more real life responsibilities, some of QsQ had to leave and the rest now tried to find a date to reschedule. Sadly this did not work out and QsQ and coL were unable to find an acceptable date, so QsQ had to forfeit the match. That this was disappointing for everyone is kind of an understatement. During the previous games the team felt full of confidence and they were sure they had it in them to go all the way.

But some things can't be changed, and a 4th place is still quite an accomplishment, especially when you have a start like they had. After all, this is just the first cycle and there are many more to come. So it was decided to take it easy for a couple of days, and then return to practice for the next weekend, when the Diamond Division Cycle 2 begins.

Until then...see you Saturday!

- Blaze