HoN Tour is a huge event. Hundreds of teams are fighting for points and money every week, and every week big plays are made. Sadly, many of these big plays remain unseen by most players because they happen at odd times for others around the world or they aren’t featured in popular casts.

But all that is different now! From now on we will have our Big Tour Big Plays installment where the players, especially from Bronze and Silver division, can send in their big plays and see them in a nice highlight video if it is good or interesting enough.

Here is how it works:

You send me a message on the forums containing:

The match ID,
the time the highlight happens, and
a short description of what it is.

Please keep in mind that only HoN Tour matches are allowed—we can't accept any big plays from TMM, scrims or other tournaments.

When we get enough submissions I will go through them and select the most awesome or fun to watch and the great Ryfle from Team [BLZN]Blazin will make an awesome highlight video out of it, that it be published on HoNTour.com soon after.

So get out there now, make big plays this weekend and send them to me! Or use the power of your giant manly brains to remember your big plays from last cycle and send those to me.

Play big, stay mannered!

- Blaze