Today is the end of Cycle 2 for Gold, and we will see [boyy]The Big Boys face off versus [PNIS]Pencils for the very crucial 1000 points as well as $1000USD for their team, with second place getting 700 points and $700USD there is a large enough difference in points that it could affect placement in the Grand Finals as well as in the Diamond Division next cycle.

Yesterday's matches had these results:

Winners Bracket Finals

The Big Boys defeated Pencils 2-0

Losers Bracket RO2

[DrDz]Druidz eSports defeated [vtL]Vitriolic Gaming 2-0

Losers Bracket Finals

Pencils defeated Druidz eSports 2-1

There was drama on the field yesterday during the Druidz versus Vitriolic match. Certain members were showing their true colors, taunting and nearly downright flaming the other team which was able to be seen on coLcast with Beef. Now most of us support a little bit of trash talk because it spices things up, as we frequently see between tdM and coL themselves, but the distance that Druidz is going is leaning towards unsportsmanlike conduct.

Despite Druidz eSports looking strong, and even though they will have a new roster next cycle, no one will want to watch them except to see them get stomped, and Diamond level teams will put them in their place if they act the way they did versus Vitriolic.

HoN Tour does not need people flaming each other during live cast matches, nor should any competitive team act in such a way during a tournament match. I would rather see teams not be able to use all chat unless explaining a pause, asking for remake, saying glhf/gg's, etc. We should not be seeing flaming come from Gold/Diamond teams towards each other even if there is bad blood; players need to keep it to whispers and buddy/clan chat.

Regardless, I wish The Big Boys and Pencils the best of luck today and I will be tuning in and hope others will be too to watch the Gold League Cycle 2 finals.

- Crowslaw