On the heels of a terrific performance in the third cycle of the Diamond Division for [sG]Stay Green, the team is also winning headlines off the servers as they announce yet another high-profile player acquisition for their already stacked roster.

The newest member of the reigning Diamond Champion will be none other than the former [coL]compLexityGaming jungler Rasmus “Chessie” Blomdin, who will join forces with swindlemelonzz, Zfreek, KheZu and Australian carry player sLiCKz. Out of the team with this transaction will be former suicide and recent hard support player Skyzoe, who was a stellar addition to the roster from the start of the team. He made the unpopular switch from suicide laner to hard support when the team needed it and will become available as a free agent for teams with voids to fill.

One of those voids is opening up in Chessie's former team, as the two-time Diamond Division runners-up compLexity Gaming has not yet announced a new fifth member for their journey back to the top of the world. So far it looks like either their substitute player shamsz or former Blackfade player LezzQQ will fill the slot. One of them will have to step up and offer his services to the team on HoN Tour weekends.

How this interesting development will impact the next cycle and the structure of the team is totally speculative at this point. Facts are that compLexity Gaming is losing the reigning “Jungler of the Year,” but they already possess of another capable jungler in their current suicide laner MoonMeander. The search for a new roster member does not have to be one-dimensional as they could move MoonMeander into the jungle and expand their search filter to a suicide laner as well—like the now teamless Skyzoe for example, who said, “I understand their decision but it sucks since I started to perform. There are no hard feelings though!”

Not only is Stay Green going forward with a new jungler and flying in their Australian member sLiCKz into a more ping-friendly environment, but the team also announced that both Chessie and Khezu are going to make their way to the "team house" in Miami, Florida for the best practice opportunity possible.

Ever since the disappointment of DreamHack WInter 2024, Stay Green has not only improved with their results in HoN Tour but has also taken care of the members of the roster and their well-being. Everything is falling into place now after the team finally won their first major title this past weekend and is now moving along with an organized practice facility and a new member.

NOTE: Contract and transfer negotiations are still ongoing between Chessie and his former team, compLexity. This transaction is not 100% finalized yet but, since Chessie has been scrimming daily with his new team and LezzQQ has been playing quite a lot with compLexity, it seems like it's only a matter of time.

- Sören "Fantasy"