There's no better way to kick off the cycle then a face-off between [coL]compLexityGaming and [DoP]Domain of Pain. The number of storylines in this first round match is astounding. There's history between bkid and Emperor and the obvious rivalry between MoonMeander and AngryTestie (RexxcarVroom). Both teams come into this cycle with a slightly different roster, as compLexty lost Chessie to [sG]Stay Green and Fittske went to [tdM]Trademark eSports. With all these questions, the match had a lot of hype behind it.

And it delivered.

During the picks for game one, it was clear that this would prove to be an interesting series. Domain of Pain chose to run with a Rally pick while compLexity built an aggressive early game team around Haxxeren on Bubbles and new pickup LezzQQ on a farming Hammerstorm. In-game, compLexity moved to take an advantage quickly. Despite some good farm on AngryTestie playing Moon Queen, compLexity went on to take game one behind strong play and smart item pickups.

“LezzQQ is aggressive like me. He's always all in and synergises well,” said Moonmeander. “Bkid now fits the role of the displined heroes like Plague Rider and Bubbles and is our safety net. And I've adapted to the jungle pretty well so I think we're stronger than before.”

Game two would prove to be one to watch. Down a game, Domain of Pain and Emperor turned to one of their signature heroes in Cthulhuphant. Now, this pick typically gets a lot of flak for not being that strong but in this game, Emperor was able to show it's true potential. The elephant was a big focus in this match, as he was able to set up tons of kills while stunning multiple heroes. Coupled with some huge plays from CHEESEHELMET on his signature hero, Gravekeeper, Domain of Pain were able to keep the game close going into the late game. There, AngryTestie was able to take over the game as Moon Queen and finish off compLexity to send the series to a decisive game three.

Unfortunately, the series didn't quite get the ending it deserved. From the pick screen, it was clear that compLexity would have an advantage and they capitalized on it. Their lineup featured some excellent teamfight but it was the early game that won it for compLexity. LezzQQ played great on Hammerstorm and Haxxeren delivered another strong performance on a hero that is quickly becoming one of his best, Wretched Hag. Jeppins played well for Domain of Pain with his suicide Kinesis but this would be a quick game for compLexity, as they dominated to pick up a 15 minutes win.

“I feel like Trademark and compLexity were so focused on each other that other teams caught up to us,” said Moonmeander. “We literally draft and practice for the sake of beating each other. We didn't look at other teams. So now thats going to change this cycle.”

Great games from both teams and good luck in the rest of the tournament. Domain of Pain drops to the Loser's Bracket and will face [C1K]Call It Karma to avoid being sent back into Gold Division while compLexity gaming moves on to face [LION]Lions eSportsKlubb for a potential shot at redemption against Stay Green.