The Bronze US Division featured plenty of exciting matches last weekend, and due to the slightly smaller size of the Division, we already know the candidates for Silver! These last eight teams have fought hard the last two days and now can focus entirely on winning more money. Let's take a look at them, the teams they defeated in the previous round (that already included points and money) and the coming matchups!

[aXI]Team Axios

To get here, Flipsinablanket won against [4K1D]4Kimchis 1Dimsum by forfeit in the round of 16, while Team Axios took out [AgT]Any Given Time to advance to the last 8.

Steam Davao]

Steam Davao defeated [Darg]Dargon Gaming in the previous round and Archfiends did not even have to do anything against [VAP]Very Average Plays, who had to forfeit after being lucky with forfeits themselves in the previous rounds.

[Fahk]Four and half korean

We actually had some games played here in the previous rounds, both teams played all 4 previous matches and won them all without losing a single game! Four and half korean defeated [JBuf]Just Bufa It in the previous round and Demise was victorious against [HERC]Disappointed.

[LBN2]Clan LSBN 2
[THD]xThe House Is Down

These two teams also played plenty of matches last weekend. And during the round of 16, Clan LSBN 2 was victorious against [Fred]All Freds, while xThe House Is Down defeated [GB2S]Get Big Small Son. All the practice paid off in the end.

These are the four quarter finals matches that will be played this Saturday, the 26th, followed by the Semifinals. The times for Saturday are:

15:00 ET | 21:00 CET Quarterfinals
18:30 ET | 00:30 CET Semifinal

All teams: Well done coming this far and good luck in your next matches!

- Blaze