The Bronze US and Bronze EU Divisions of HoN Tour Cycle 5 have new champions!

Last weekend, the 4 best teams of Bronze US and the remaining 32 teams of Bronze EU fought for the throne in the Bronze Divisions. Let's take a look how things went.

Bronze US

In the first semi finals, [Duel]Do You Even Lift Bro defeated [Jane]Jane and Finch with 2:0 while [TSPP]Team Small Plays had to fight for their 2:1 victory over [BPen]Brace Your Anus in the second semi finals.

Later that evening, Do You Even Lift Bro and Team Small Plays clashed in the final match and eventually Do You Even Lift Bro came up on top with a solid 2:0, making them the champions of the Bronze US Division of Cycle 5!

Congrats to the Champions Do You Even Lift Bro and all the other teams as well. Good luck in Silver in Cycle 6 and enjoy the money you earned!

Bronze EU

In Bronze EU we still had plenty of teams left after the first weekend. Of all these teams, only 8 could qualify for Silver, so let's take a look at them and how it went from there:

First matchup was between [Novi]Novi Pirat and [HTaG]Hashtag It. Hashtag It were not afraid of pirates and so it ended 0:2.
The next matchup was [Ryss]Vodkagaming, who played against [MMv3]Midget Mafia v3. After many tries in the past Cycles, Midget Mafia v3finally made it into the top 8 and this seemed to have motivated them so much that they also won this match. 0:2 was the final result.
The third match had [KILE]kilers in hon and rh and [xDis]Dishonored play against each other. Dishonored was the last team to advance after the first weekend, so they did not even make the update list last week. That, however, did not stop them in the slightest and the match ended 0:2.
[aPm]APM[/B] and [RTD]Rus Towerdivers played the last match and APM remained triumphant in the end with a close 2:1.

The next day, the semi finals were played, in which Hashtag It beat the highly motivated Midget Mafia v3 with 2:1 and Dishonored defeated APM with the same result, also 2:1.

So it was Hashtag It versus Dishonored in the finals. Maybe it was because their previous game was exhausting or their opponents just had a better day, but in the end Hashtag It was defeated by Dishonored with a clean 2:0, making them the Bronze EU Champions of Cycle 5!

Congrats to the champions Dishonored and once again good luck to all the teams in Silver next weekend in Cycle 6! Enjoy the money you have won, you earned it!

- Blaze