Another fine weekend of HoN Tour has ended and we have plenty of results and nice match-ups for next weekend! Let's take a look at what happened.

Bronze US

Here we already know the teams that will play in the finals for the title of Bronze US Champions. Team [ifk]Im Fukin Korean will play against [zV]zV this coming weekend for the crown and additional money and tour points.

Earlier, the teams of [DBM]Deadly Boss Mode, [TIOG]ThrewItOnTheGround, [Fred]All Freds and [TlT]The Mourning Woods qualified for Silver next Cycle, but were defeated by the teams that advanced to the semi-finals.

Speaking of the semi-finals, the two teams that managed to get that far but then were defeated by the finalists were [iOnY]Team Irony and [cRae]Carly Rae Yo.

Good job and well played everyone—enjoy your winnings and the next Cycle in Silver and good luck to the finalists!

The Bronze US Grand Finals will take place at 15:00 ET | 21:00 CET.

Bronze EU

In this Division we still have plenty of teams still standing. 16 teams are left and will fight for the Qualification for Silver this weekend! Let's take a look at the matches.

[GSQ]Gank Squad

[BRJL]Team Broiler

[TaCa]Tactical Cannonball

[ZnS]Zubmit and Sons
[z]Zen Gaming

[Ftnc]Fnatic esport klan
[uXG]uneXpected Gaming

[CP]Cro Plan

[LPU]Little Pink Unicorns
[VOKE]Invoke Gaming

[50]50 Shades of gay
[WbaM]Win by a mile

This should be very entertaining, as several veterans from previous Cycles are among these teams. Maybe it will work out this time? Good luck and have fun to all participants!

Times for the next Bronze EU rounds are as follows:
09:00 ET | 15:00 CET RO 16
12:30 ET | 18:30 CET RO 8

- Blaze