At the beginning of this week, we saw many teams lining up for strong competition in the Gold Losers Bracket. With what could be upsets happening for several teams, after today we will be down to our final four.

The last time [oo7]We Are Spies came through Gold they went undefeated in a single map. This time in their last two matches they have lost one map each time. But they came out on top with a score of 2-1 in what must have been close matches with [REMI]RemigijusBubblus and [DonD]DoberOnDamp yesterday.

After an amazing match last night, they now sit in the Winners Bracket finals with a top three place confirmed, they are set to face [vdT]Vietnamese Dream who defeated [MOE]Moes Tavern and then [F4NG]Fntastic4nGombos yesterday to get there.

SeQuenSe and [TKAG]Team Kagge are really coming strong this Cycle and are now one match away from securing a trip to Diamond Division for a Cycle. They are facing Fntastic4nGombos who also came from the Winners Bracket after yesterday's matches. Team Kagge are the favoured ones in this match-up, but overall you should never underestimate a team coming from the Winners Bracket, especially a team who went 2-1 over [SdS]SdS.

The other Losers Bracket Ro4 match is [Dmsn]AnotherDimension versus DoberOnDamp, DmSn has been looking strong throughout the cycle despite having a rough start with almost not having enough players due to internal problems. Caspae managed to pull through and with a roster that is getting stronger. They have gone through tough competition such as Moes Tavern and [BYE]A HonTour Team, who defeated SdS a day earlier. Today's match will probably be a closer match than the previously mentioned DoberOnDamp versus We Are Spies, and will go to either the team who psyches the other team out with their interesting picks. It might also go to the one who sticks to what has got them this far, and pushes it to the next level. The drafting for these two teams is something the upcoming teams should be looking at if they plan to contend with other upcoming teams.

After today's matches we will know who places in the top four. Tomorrow's Winners Finals and Losers Semi-finals will decide the 4th place team and we will be boiling down to the Grand Finals for Gold Cycle 6 coming on Saturday.

Talking to Vietnamese Dream captain gwefix about his team's performance this cycle and his plans to go all the way, he has this to say:

"We feel pretty good honestly about being in the Winners Finals, we are going to play our best of course, but we have reached our main goal which was getting to diamond so were already happy regardless of how high we finish in the top three."

DoberOnDamp captain Porch had this to say about his upcoming match versus AnotherDimension:

"We'll win if the gods favour me for picking interesting heroes, they(DmSn) are still 90% the same team, so it's nothing easy."

Overall I think the teams participating are both excited and nervous about their upcoming matches. With only 2 cycles left after this before the HoN Tour Grand Finals, the positions for teams are still not set in stone out of the top three. If one of the top 4 teams can place well in Diamond in the next two cycles, they may have a shot at the 4-11 tournament.

- "Crowslaw"