NEW RULE: Streamed Games

If a game is being streamed, neither team is allowed to pause more than five (5) minutes until the first creeps spawn (00:30) unless there is an unintentional disconnection (internet drops, timeouts).

i) If a team pauses more than 5 minutes in a streamed game before the creeps spawn, a penalty by a HoN Tour admin will be given.

ii) Opponent holds the right to unpause anytime after 5 minutes has passed from the second the Pause Vote is called.

If a player is streaming from a first person point of view, that person should inform the other team and follow the same rule explained above in 1.

**Important:This rule only applies if your game is being streamed by, including but not limited to; Honcast, coLcast, individual streamers, or POV streams.

--> This rule is valid by the start of Bronze EU Round 1 on Sunday, the 24th of February, 9:00 EST | 15:00 CET.

Rules section will be updated next week on

- RoLanD, HoN Tour Admin Team