Once more we had a busy weekend and the champions of the Bronze Divisions have been determined! Let's see what happened in both Divisions in detail:

Bronze US

Bronze US was far ahead in their games, so the participants of the finals have already been known since the end of the first weekend this Cycle. In a clean 2:0 victory, the team of [zV]zV defeated [ifk]Im Fukin Korean, and with this, zV are now the new Bronze US Division Champions of Cycle 6!

Bronze EU

16 teams made it into the second weekend of this Cycle, but only 8 would qualify for Silver and only one could be the new champions. So who would it be?

First we have the 4 teams who won their first match and thus qualified for Silver, but did not get any further. [SwR]SwedenR0ckstars, [DNKE]DONKEKONG, [CP]Cro Plan and [50]50 Shades of gay belong in this group.

The two teams that got to the semi-finals but were defeated there are [BRJL]Team Broiler, who lost to [z]Zen Gaming with 0:2 and [VOKE]Invoke Gaming, who lost 1:2 to [Ftnc]Fnatic esport klan.

And finally, in a clean 2:0 victory, [Ftnc]Fnatic esport klan defeated [z]Zen Gaming. So congrats to Fnatic esport klan, the new Bronze EU Champions of Cycle 6.

Good job everyone, enjoy your money and good luck next weekend in Silver!

- Blaze