Real name: Kristiano Noviello
Other nicknames: ziff
Location: Belgium
Hobbies: Sleeping
Clan: QsQ
Role: Solo lane mostly.
Favorite heroes: Bubbles, Silhouette, Doctor Repulsor, Chipper, Scout
Favorite items: Energizer, Genjuro
Favorite player: Xibbe
Accomplishments: Nothing just yet.

1. Was Heroes of Newerth your first game or did you play something before?

I played World Of Warcraft when I was around 11 years old, but that’s about it.

2. How did you get to HoN and into QsQ?

I watched my sister playing HoN when I went upstairs, and she told me that if I'd be interested in playing it she had a spare beta key left, and it just kinda went on from there. When I saw the thread about QsQ auditioning all members, I just gave it a shot. Assuming I had no competitive experience whatsoever I didn't really have super expectations, but well, here I am.

3. Where do you see yourself and your team in a year? What do you hope to achieve in the near future?

I believe anything can happen in a year, I think as long as we all feel good playing with each other and being confident we can get wherever we want. And I kinda expect us to climb up the ladder within such a long time. As for the near future, I really hope we can win some events, and go to other places like Sweden again, or even Vegas & Thailand.

4. What heroes and lane setups do you prefer to play? Where do you think you shine the most?

I like to play Mid/Short lane in 1v1 situations the most, with heroes such as Bubbles, Bombardier, Doctor Repulsor, Soulstealer and so on, just because I think 1v1 situations is where I shine.

5. You are well known for your aggressive, almost crazy way of playing plenty of heroes. Does the rest of your team have to tame you from time to time or do they let you do as you please?

At first they always tried to make me play a bit more passive, just because of the amount of risks I take by playing as aggressive as I do. But after a while we kinda figured out that was a bad decision, since if I can't keep up my aggressiveness to the full potential I'm a weaker player than I usually am. So now they just let me do whatever I want and rely on me winning my lane.

6. Are there any other roles you can play well other than solo? Any role or hero you really hate to play?

I can play literally every role (yes that includes hard support). As for heroes that I absolutely hate to play Draconis, Fayde and Plague Rider.

7. What are your best and worst experiences with HoN so far?

My best experience was going to Dreamhack. My worst one, I dunno, I don't have any.

8. With your young age of 16, how do you deal with age and travel restrictions on big LAN events—and your parents when it comes to playing until crazy o'clock?

I have no problems with traveling at all, and I'll always try to make time so I can go to LAN events/bootcamps etc. As for playing until midnight or not sleeping quite often, I don't think my mom minds as she has never said anything about it.

9. How is your private life going? Have you thought about what you want for your future, outside of gaming?

Nope, I'm kinda careless in that regard which I shouldn't be.

10. For all the new and not yet professional players, any advice you can give on how to dominate a lane or defend against being overwhelmed?

The first thing I usually do is to look at my opponent’s starting items as soon as I get vision over him. Depending on how much regen he has you can decide how aggressively you wanna play. Don't get scared right away just because your opponent has a better hero or has more experience playing 1v1 than you, and just be confident in having a chance of winning.

11. Any shout outs or things you want to say to the community?

Shoutout to my team, my mom & sister, and Jollem’s hair and muscles. @ community, stay strong!

Style from the Q sQuad, ladies and gentlemen!

Speaking of Style and QsQ, here’s a treat for you: This Thursday, the whole team will start a huge streaming session together. NoVa, Malle and Style will stream as the whole team takes on TMM game after TMM game all night, possibly 24 hours or longer! It will start right after the GSL finals. For updated information, check NoVa’s Facebook or Twitter. So cancel all dates for Friday and have an entertaining 24 hours with QsQ!

Next week we will learn about Malle, the Finn of the jungle!

- Blaze