For the seventh time, 64 teams are competing to win the Silver Division and advance to the Gold Division. And we already have plenty of results and know who will be going for Gold in two weeks.

Now the question remains: who will become the Silver Champion this Cycle and take home additional money and Tour points? Let's take a look at the teams who made it to the semi-finals and those they defeated to get there, who at least qualified for Gold.

The team of [wrdd]Wardeded defeated team [TsYy]True Story with 2:1 and are in the first semi-finals, where they will face [DNKE]DONKEKONG. They left behind [Txp]Tenacious Experience in the previous round with 2:0.

The other semi-final will be between team [z]Zen Gaming, who won against [BRJL]Team Broiler with 2:1, and [Sen]Sen Gaming, who are still on a flawless streak by having won 2:0 once more, this time against [TBG]The Blame Game

Especially the second semi-finals promises to be interesting; will the long streak be broken or is it just another step to greatness for Sen Gaming? We will find out next Saturday at the usual time. Don't miss it!

Congrats to all the qualified teams and good luck to the semi finalists!

- Blaze