Both Bronze Divisions came to a conclusion over the last weekend and we now have the results for you. Let's take a look at what happened and who the new champions are:

Bronze US

In the US Division, we already knew who would advance to the Silver Division next Cycle, so all that was left was to play out the semi-finals and finals to find the champion. In the first semi-finals, the teams of [mGn]Magnum Opus and [S7]S7 were set to play against each other. Unfortunately, S7 had to forfeit the match, allowing Magnus Opus to advance unchallenged. I am sure it would have been a great match, but these things happen.

In the other semi finals, the teams of [AnG]Angry Gaming and [iHSh]I Heart Shin were set against each other and here we did get our semi-final match played out. And after 2 games it was decided that Angry Gaming would be the second team in the finals, as they won 2:0 over their opponents, just as they did the previous three matches.

In the finals, Magnum Opus and Angry Gaming now played against each other. And just like before, Angry Gaming managed to win this in a clear 2:0, making them the Bronze US Champions of Cycle 7! Congratulations to them, good luck to all teams for Silver in Cycle 8 and have fun with the prize money you all won!

Bronze EU

The Bronze EU Division still had 4 rounds of matches ahead, so all the important decisions were still ahead. Who would advance to Silver? And who would be Champion? Let's take a look at how things went:

First of all, here are the 8 teams who qualified for Silver:
[Aol]Acting on Instinct won against [Bmbz]Team Bomberz with 2:0, making them the first team to qualify for Silver. [yK]yoloswagking2012 and [NzD]NoobzDown were next to fight to advance and the game ended 1:2, allowing NoobzDown to go one stage further. Third match was between [LPU]Little Pink Unicornsand [Mehh]Channel Mehh, hwere we had a clear 2:0, making the Little Pink Unicorns finally go to Silver next Cycle. Fourth match between [ZnS]Zubmit and Sons and [Fday]Friday also ended with 2:0, thus Zubmit and Sons will go Silver. Next we had [FI]FeministiskInitiativ and [RaZC]The Razacs, a match that ended 2:1 for FeministiskInitiativ, allowing them to move on. Sixth matchup was between [cTiR]Team Ripping and [TtW]Team Throw, resulting in a 2:1 for Team Ripping. [LBH]LakeBridge HC and [FFFF]FishingFriends was set to be played, but unfortunaltely the Fishing Friends had to forfeit the match, allowing LakeBridge HC to advance without any opposition. And finally there was [PBZ]Pandabearz versus [KROK]SILJA LAIJNEN, which ended 2:0, making the Pandabearz the last of 8 to advance to the next round and the Silver Division next Cycle.

After this, all that was left was to fight for the title of Bronze Champion. In the following round, Team Acting on Instinct won against NoobzDown with 2:0, Little Pink Unicorns defeated Zubmit and Sons 2:1, Team Ripping took out Team FeministiskInitiativ 2:0 and the final match of that round between 2KTP and Pandabearz was not played because the Pandas had to forfeit the match, allowing 2KTP to advance unchallenged.

In the semi-finals, Acting on Instinct defeated the Little Pink Unicorns with 2:1 while Team Ripping won against 2KTP also with 2:1. So the final match was between Acting on Instinct and Team Ripping. And at the end of Sunday, Acting on Instinct defeated their opponent with 2:0, making them the Champion of the Bronze EU Division in Cycle 7. Congrats to you and all of those who made it into Silver, thanks for playing to everyone and enjoy your prize money!

And with this, Cycle 7 ends and we will meet again next week, when the eighth and final Cycle of the first Hon Tour season will begin!

- Blaze