To get some insight on how balance changes will be done during HoN Tour we sat down with S2's Lead Balance Designer DOGKaiser and asked him some questions.

Hello DOGKaiser, How are you today?
- I am doing awesome! HoN Tour is coming out!

So, HoN Tour is finally here! Are you excited?!
- Yes! Being a competitive person myself I always enjoy seeing HoN take the competitive scene to the next level. It's also something that we at S2 take very seriously and have worked hard on for a very long time. I have no doubts that HoN Tour will not only bring new competitive teams to HoN but also inspire other games to take competitive gaming more seriously.

What can you let us know about balance changes during a HoN Tour season?
- For the most part the small balance changes that have been going were in preparation for HoN Tour. Now that we've seen how well they have worked, we will continue them as the season goes on. Larger changes such as new heroes and new items will be released into HoN Tour after a season ends. This will give teams some times to shape metas with some consistency and allows new seasons to create new metas.

Will new heroes be added into Lock Pick during a HoN Tour season?
- New heroes will be implemented in between seasons. Most likely Ellonia, Rift Walker, Bramble, Ravenor, Prophet, and Rally will make it in before this season starts. Adding in heroes between seasons will allow teams to get used to them before the next seasons starts.

What about new items?
- New items will be very similar to new heroes. Sacrificial stone & Icon of the Goddess are both likely to be released before HoN Tour starts to give teams some time to try them out.

What new heroes being added to Lock Pick do you think will change the meta game the most?
- Personally I think Bramble will change the meta the most. I don't want to give any hints as to why...I will let teams think up their own ideas of how to use all of the new heroes.

If you could choose one hero to watch the “pros” play that isn’t picked up very often who would it be?
- Berzerker, because who doesn't want to hear "You're next!" on cast?

Thank you for your time Matt! Looking forward to seeing some of these heroes in the competitive scene!