The competition of HoN Tour is picking up steam all around the world. In August the CIS region starts with their regular season, Malaysia and Singapore have already duked it out for four weeks, and North America and Europe started the qualifiers this weekend. In Thailand the second cycle is well underway with only seven days left. Ten matches are already in the books, and the big four are lined up for a heated finish.

One thing is sure - a wire-to-wire win is not going to occur. For the first nine days Turtle Master were ahead with eight wins and only one unfortunate tie, while the competition slipped up. That streak evaporated yesterday, when Neolution eSports.MRR took care of business and ousted the Turtles. Chitawan`X and his crew came in with only two lost maps thus far. That number stayed the same, as the new faces of MRR stepped up to the plate and delivered a big performance against TurS. The set roster of Neo.MRR proved to be a bit ahead of the curve, while TurS is still trying to adapt to the most recent roster and position switch in the long-running team. GusGus, a veteran from Garena Star League 2024 of Paroma, returned to competitive HoN and found his new home with the Turtles.

What looks nice on paper caused a huge shift inside the team. Star player xSinez gave his mid position to the new player, May3eee was forced to leave the team, opening up a support spot. This void was filled LookLikeLeaf, who left the suicide lane for xSinez and is now the new hard support. HookyHook remained jungler, support and captain, while I`Ron`Nun retained his spot as carry.

This massive switch leaves the squad not quite ready to take on their major regional competition. Neolution eSports.MRR crushed them, Shooter eSports with Tianza and Esc` brought them to a draw, and clashes with Hybrid Gaming, Qv Gaming, and Snoop Dog are still on the horizon. With that being said, the wire-to-wire prospect might turn into a nightmare for the squad, if they can’t win one of the big matches. A win against Snoop Dog, Qv and three other opponents seem to be a must - just to give them a cushion in the Hybrid showdown.

Otherwise Shooter eSports might get the chance to make it into the playoffs for the first time in the young teams history - and since the two former MiTH stars joined. They are currently sitting at the fourth spot with seven wins, two draws and the loss against Snoop Dog early in the season. Since then, they have recovered and even went on a streak, although the duels against their old brothers of Hybrid and Neolution eSports are still ahead of them.

While seven teams are still campaigning for a playoff seat, the struggle for survival in the highest Thai HoN Tour division is affecting more than half of the teams. Kero MasTer on the tenth place are currently only looking at ten points after losing six matches, drawing only one and winning the remaining three contests. Kero MasTer along with kOrnd0g and Friends, are relatively secure at their positions right now, with a bulk of teams below them. Four teams will be losing their G-League privilege and have to suffer through the tough and nerve-wrecking pressure of a Double Elimination bracket in D1.

Currently in the line-up for a step-down are YoungWildKids, FranticFighters, Neolution E-Sports Cyber Cafe, and Judd Pai 3. Especially YiKs and Frantic are looking like locks to get demoted, seeing their current scoreline. Each have only scored one point, coincidentally resulting from a draw in the direct duel. Neither of the teams could foster any resistance to any other team so far, leaving them way down in standings. Between the two bottom feeders and the second Neolution squad already five points separate them - making a comeback highly unlikely.

For Neo on the other side, the possibility of a save is still in sight. Six points are on their account, Judd pai 3 is at seven and the first place to not get the boot down is occupied by Again and Again Comeback with nine points. As a matter of fact, three teams are sitting at nine points with KaiD and Squa2e Root being the other two.

Direct competitions are left on the schedule as well with Neo having the chance to get big points against Squa2e Root, Again and Again Comeback, and YiKs - while Judd pai 3 will have the chance to save themselves against all three as well, plus the “easy” task against FranticFighters.

Out of the race up or down are just two teams, part of the very thin “midfield” of the division - Kimochi TteSports and OH HO PEE. The two squads can ease up and use the remaining matches as practice under tournament circumstances. Especially for Kimochi this is a success and a huge chance, since the organization has been around the block for ages and were recently promoted. For them to return to form of the old Thai HoN Tour or GSL 13 would be huge and set up some very nice duels between old rivals.

To catch all the action from the last seven days of competition, be sure to check out the Garena Thai stream on Youtube. Winzy and his crew will lead you through the competition, while the GarenaSeaHoN on Twitch has an English option every now and then. When exactly those castings will pop up is not confirmed, while the Thai commentary brings you two matches every day. Who will go to the playoffs, who will get demoted? Find it out as G-League wraps up!

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