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For three weeks the top of the Malaysia Singapore HoN League seemed to be a confrontation between Invasion eSports and Privaron Espada. The two teams had a flawless record, demolishing opponents and leading to a comfortable position at the top of the standings. A wire-to-wire victory seemed possible for both of them, even though the level of star power on each team couldn’t be more different.

On one side it was the team of kiDDO` and siffr, alongside fellow former bRix players. Those boys have all had tremendous experience in competitive HoN, with kiDDO` being part of the successful Orange eSports roster, siffr being part of Orange as well, while the other three gathered experience with bRix throughout last SEA HoN Tour. bRix even made it into the wildcard race and fought at the Garena Star League 2021 event - falling one victory short of reaching the World Finals. In the other corner is, or was, Privaron Espada, who muster up no star power at all. The up-and-coming team pounced on the opportunity to fill gaps in the competitive spectrum of the region - with Orange and iMp out of the picture.

All was well here, up until last week. The two flawless and undefeated teams all of a sudden struggled and lost their games on the same weekend. Invasion against All I do Is Win, while Piv lost the showdown with another young and aspiring force in Malaysia and Singapore - Evil Genius Gaming.

The SEA version of EG might not bleed blue, but they play mighty fine HoN. The big showcase of these young teams was hyped for a while. especially since both teams had good results. EG was flirting with the top, Privaron Espada had their firm grip on the top position. This contest was set to prove something like a “Rookie of the Cycle” award, which now looks to be going to EG.

Now the entire league gains more excitement with the race for the top spot heating up. Privaron Espada and Invasion are still ahead of everyone else, but Evil Genius Gaming is closing in quickly. They’re only one point back, and a duel with Invasion eSports is still on the horizon. Before that big duel in Week 6 all three top teams have to overcome other assignments. Invasion needs to get passed You Meet Wrong Opponent, EG looks to extend their streak against GseA Gaming, and Privaron Espada faces Malaysian All Star.

In summary, the top three teams will play the bottom three teams, while in the midst of it all bRix and All I do is Win meet. That battle will be important in the race for fourth and also in the bigger scheme of things. The winner still has the chance to close in on the top three, while the loser should be more concerned with the demotion battle. weeN sits at five points after the upset win against INV, bRix gathered four points thus far - making it a disappointing start. Now is the time to turn it around for long-time captain Softer and his team, as they look to burst the bubble of All I do is Win.

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All this excitement has another week to be build up, as the MSHL Season 1 takes a pause this weekend. No teams will play, all players can rest and the teams can work on new strategies before the second half of the season starts. Only 3 games are left, only 12 points can be gathered - who will get the most of it? Which team will become the first ever MSHL champion?

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