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What a weekend we had in the HoN Tour Season 3 Qualifiers! Many hopeful teams, mercilessly pitted against one another and only the survivors of the weekend would get a guaranteed spot in the Gold Division. So naturally the Losers Bracket saw the most action, with four rounds being played, 4 nail-biting fights for survival for some teams. But the Winners Bracket also saw plenty of games being played. 16 teams were still in the Winners Bracket when Saturday started and at the end of Sunday, 4 were left on the high road. Let's get into the details.

Winners Bracket

[MOE]Moes Tavern had it easy on Saturday, as their opponents, [Adde]Adrians Familj were unable to play. The same happened to the big unknown team in the WB, [FIFA]Germany got to the next round without lifting a finger due to a forfeit win given by [PpM]PepsiMaX. Next we had an upset win of sorts, [Ryss]Vodkagaming was able to defeat [z]izu, even though they had to go through all three games to achieve that.

[iRex]Instant Reflex failed to defeat [Dawn]Dawnonce more this weekend, in the two game series the incredibly strong team of Dawn sent their opponents to the Losers Bracket without breaking a sweat.
[SolC]The Solaire Club also did some good work on Saturday, their match against [bm5]Bad Mannered x5 needed all three games to be decided, but in the end the Club was able to emerge victorious, moving on to the next round. The [Null]Blue Dingleballs destroyed the hopes of [YLTP]You Love To Party to get any further in the Winners Bracket, their two game victory was a little surprising, but certainly well deserved.

In one of the top matches on Saturday, [TF]Twisted Fuzion came to a halt in the Winners Bracket when the [KNX]REXXARS defeated them after two games, despite their increased offer in the second of those games. And finally [URL=[FnoH]FROG No HIPPO got a free ride to the next round on Sunday because of the [Tele]Telechubbies being unable to play on that day.
Sunday offered another exciting round, in the evening Moes Tavern finally ended the winning streak of the mysterious [FIFA]Germany team, Dawn continued their domination and kicked Vodka Gaming into the losers bracket, the Blue Dingleballs showed no mercy to the Solaire Club and the REXXARS sent FROG No HIPPO packing, no questions there.

As the Qualifiers move on, the last four teams will now meet in the Semi-Finals on Thursday, and it will be an intense evening for all of them. Two of the strongest Carnage in Caldavar Amateur teams are set to play against each other in the first semi-final. Moes Tavern and Dawn both look extremely strong right now and both have eliminated several strong teams in the previous rounds, so this will certainly the match of the day. But the second semi won't be boring either: Blue Dingleballs versus the REXXARS. While the REXXARS are well known to most of us by now, and we expect a solid performance by them, the Dingleballs are a bit of a mystery, but they appear quite capable after they took out You Love To Party and [21cm]LisaAnn in the previous rounds, one a first season HoN Tour veteran team, the other a team that is getting better and better after an above mediocre performance in the Carnage in Caldavar Amateur Division. This match might be an underdog vs favourite match, but we might get pleasantly surprised.

Losers Bracket

Four rounds were played out here, two on Saturday, two on Sunday, so an immense number of matches were played, way too many to list them all here, as it would get incredibly boring very quickly. Instead we will take a look at the highlights, the surprise outs and the remaining teams that will play this Tuesday.The first round of the weekend did not really offer any surprises. Since all the teams who would lose in this round were automagically moved to the Silver Division, some teams were satisfied with that and forfeited their match, believing that they would not be able to progress any further. This also meant that some other teams would have an easy time there, moving on to the next round without trouble.

The second round of Saturday was when it got interesting. In a long three games match, the rather unknown team [JABA]JabberMyHon managed to take out team Potato. Displaying great skill all through the match, they were able to take down their high level opponents in game one and three and with this kicked the Potatoes right out of the Qualifiers into the Silver Division. It seems that the Potatos disbanded shortly after, maybe they decided that a fresh start in the Bronze Division would be the best course of action or that they might not be on top of the game anymore and other, newer teams are now dominant.

After this big surprise, the other matches that evening were a bit less exciting. Other teams kept going strong, like [Burr]Burrito Gaming, an often overlooked and underestimated team, who made it through several rounds here and who continued to do so after defeating [BASH]BashBashBash. [GOD]The Gods were also going strong, sending [eN]Essence to the Silver Division.[FTYL]fatal1ty was taken out by [eTg]Elmont Gaming and finally [DNKE]DONKEKONG had a hard fight against [asd]Daniels joik but triumphed eventually after three games played.

Sunday offered new teams coming from the Winners Bracket, more action and more surprises. The first surprise was clearly [EvAc]Evil Activities defeating Twisted Fuzion in a three game match. Twisted Fuzion had looked very strong and clearly destined to go to the Gold Division before the weekend started and were now dropped to the Gold/Silver Placement Matches, a place where only the best two teams would make it to the Gold Division. You Love To Party, who just came from the Winners Bracket joined the fate of Twisted Fuzion, as they too lost their first match in the Losers Bracket to [C]Crave. The Potato-slayers of JabberMyHon remained victorious in their next match too, were dropped into the Placement Matches as well. Instant Reflex and [z]izu recovered from their loss in the Winners Bracket and defeated [Zyg]Team Zenzyg and The Gods, PepsiMaX triumphed over [eTg]Elmont Gaming and in a exciting and skillful match, Adrians Familj sent DONKEKONG to all the other strong teams in the Placement Matches.Now this Gold/Silver Placement Match tournament will be a hard fought event indeed, with such teams as DONKEKONG, Twisted Fuzion, You Love To Party and The Gods fighting for just two Gold Spots. Expect surprises here.

Moving on to the last round of Sunday, eight teams were left to play and only four would make it to the next round to face the new Winners Bracket dropouts. Here, burrito gamings hopes to get to the finals were finally stopped. In two close games, Evil Activities remained victorious and continue on to their next opponent, which will be [FIFA]Germany. The second match was between Crave and Jabber MyHon, two teams who caused some surprises in the matches before. This match went in favour of Crave, who will now continue to play against Vodkagaming on Tuesday, while JabberMyHon can enjoy their place among the Gold Division players, which is well deserved. Match number three that night was Instant Reflex versus [z]izu. After two relatively one sided games, Instant Reflex remained on their course to the Diamond Division, facing The Solaire Club next, while the team of FJ will have to make due with Gold Division. and finally in the last match of the day, we had PepsiMaX and Adrians Familj lock horns. This match was decided quickly, after two very short games, the Pepsis had to submit and go Gold, while Adrians Familj keep up their great performance and keep their Diamond dreams alive. To keep dreaming, they now have to defeat FROG No HIPPO on Tuesday, which should not be that much of a problem, if the Beaver friends can manage to stay consistent with their performance and attendance.

Now that the number of teams still in the Qualifiers has become very small, the next rounds will have some intense clashes of great teams, starting this Tuesday at 5:00 EDT | 21:00 CEST with the Losers Bracket, followed by both Winners and Losers Bracket playing on Thuesday at 5:00 EDT | 21:00 CEST. It is now all about making it into the Grand Finals, those two teams will be in Diamond Division and have the chance to win a large amount of money in the first Cycle. Everyone else will be played in the Gold Division, where it is once more a hard fight to advance to Diamond. No matter what, the matches will be incredible, so don't forget to tune in. Good Luck and Have Fun to all teams!

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