A truly unique event, the Xfire Midlane Masters, finished yesterday with the finals being played live on Honcast. Over the last four weeks, 16 Qualifiers were played to find 16 worthy players to fight it out in the glorious main tournament. Here are the 16 players who made it into the main event:

Like`A`Luke, Norren, wannabenyhm, Matamig`, boxI, attempnr97, djlundart, Alme, Mamaskort, L4br1nth, Ingemerhon, koreanbatman, Pink, z0rtyy, Callumm, Bezo

With boxI and L4br1nth, some well known players from the Diamond Division teams [tree]willowkeeper and [Dawn]Dawn had made the main event. As would be expected, these skilled and experienced players dominated, and both made the Grand Finals. In an exciting final matchup, they showed us what they were capable of and in the end it was boxl, progenitor of the suicide Benzington, who brought home victory.

With this win came 5000 gold and the unique opportunity to design his very own Alt Avatar that will enter Newerth in the future, forever serving as a monument to his midlane skills. L4byr1nth, who came second, still won 3000 Gold Coins, enough to buy his opponent’s Avatar when it comes out. Benzo, our third place finisher took home 1500 Gold Coins while alme earned 1000 Gold Coins for his fourth place finish.

All-in-all this event was a great success and truly entertaining, a welcome change to the teamfights that we see all the time in HoN Tour. Hopefully there will be more events like this in the future. Congrats to boxl for his first place and a big thank you to Necroth and Xfire for this tournament!

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