Team History

The story of this popular Tt eSports squad begins with Frenetic Array (Fray). With players like sLiCKz, Wytaliba, JABBAWABBA, DirgeSnoopy and Dabeliuteef, Fray dominated the Australian region, winning several local LAN events. However, isolated in Australia and handicapped by a huge ping disadvantage, they could never translate their success onto the online international scene. So when the Australians managed to qualify for DreamHack Winter 2021, the anticipation level was massive. Surpassing all expectations, Fray delivered a second place finish and made a powerful statement to the world. Since then, the squad has performed consistently at the top of the HoN scene even while changing sponsors to Tt eSports and shuffling members.

Meet the Players

The current roster of Tt eSports boasts two crowning gems in captain sLiCKz and Support/Jungler Wytaliba, who have remained the core of the team since Frenetic Array emerged as one of the top forces in Heroes of Newerth. After Fray's success at Dreamhack Winter 2021, DirgeSnoopy and Jabbawabba left the team, heralding a new era for the lovable Aussies. Dabeliuteef, sLiCKz and Wytaliba teamed up with American players LeonBlack and Riser and signed with Tt eSports.

Tt eSports made another run at the DreamHack title in the Summer of 2021. Once again, the team fell just short, finishing second behind Fnatic. Since then, Moiravus, formerly of ClanMilk, has replaced Dabeliuteef on the Tt eSports roster. Despite having shuffled its roster, Tt eSports still commands immense respect from their peers and fans alike.

Quest for a Championship

After falling short by such a small margin in the past two Dreamhack tournaments, Tt eSports is desperate to reprise its quest for an international championship. To do so, however, they will have to qualify via the upcoming Destination: Dreamhack tournament after failing to do so in the Dreamhon OSC and Redemption events.

With HoN Tour's launch, Tt eSports will have another title to contend for, and another opportunity to transcend the identity of "the best team in Australia" to become "the best team in the world."

“HoN Tour represents for me, and my team Tt eSPORTS, what we have been waiting for,” said Wytaliba. “A consistent tournament structure providing the most entertaining matches.. and for big prize money! The thing about HoNTour that I like the best is the catering to the lesser known teams, encouraging them to step up and grow as a team to compete eventually in the big league with incentives all the way down.”

-Soren "Fantasy"