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[Null]Nullstone Gaming, the new power from the United States, have taken the Diamond Division in a storm after winning Gold Division in Cycle 1 with frightening ease. Now they are looking to fight for entry into the Losers Bracket Finals on Saturday and they might surprise us once more. But who exactly are those guys? Sure, some names sound familiar, but with european teams on top for such a long time, Nullstone Gaming is a refreshing new breeze from the west, aiming for nothing less than becoming the top team.

[uqt]BeaverBanger was nice enough to give us a little interview about his team and their future in the Diamond Division

Blaze: Hello Beaverbanger. For those who aren't familiar with you and your team yet, please introduce your teammates and what they play.

*[DnG]`Drentz is our team captain. Not only is Drentz the drafter for our team, he also he plays the main support role. Drentz is a key factor in our ingame decision making. We love it when he finds an enemy ward because he'll yell out "I KNEW THEY WARDED THERE!".

*[oo7]WhaT_YoU_GoT is our jungle/second support player. He likes to play a variety of jungle heroes in competitive play, some traditional, others not so much. He loves his Legionnaire and Balphagore jungle.

*[oo7]FuzzySloth is the suicide player for our team. His favorite hero in the suicide role is Magmus. He recently started streaming and has gained a large viewer base. Fuzzy is a 17 year old senior in Highschool.

*[5Man]CholoSIMEONE is the mid player for our team. He prefers to be called by his first name, Oscar. Oscar is one of the most talented solo players that I have ever played with. Oscar is from Bolivia, so there is a small language barrier, however, his english is getting exponentially better.

*I am the co-captain for the team. I also play the carry role. I enjoy playing the types of heroes that you don’t regularly see on a daily basis in competitive play, such as Magebane and Artillery. I love me some Artillery.

*[DnG]Resher and SwiftLame are our 6th/7th players. I love playing with both of them as they are just awesome people and very talented players. However, Resher lives in Japan and has a hard time making the games and playing with the extra ping.

What is your teams history? You kinda came out of nowhere after Carnage in Caldavar, and now you are among the top teams of the scene.

A few of the players, including myself, played together for a brief amount of time on the team called "The Last of US". We had a decent amount of success but we just did not work together well as a team most of the time. With the third season of Hontour starting up, I decided that I wanted to make a team, seeing as the eSports Plinko community funding showed a lot of potential. After Cycle 1, Fuzzysloth and What_you_got showed interest in joining our team. Even though we are a newly formed team, I believe that with practice, we will definitely be able to compete with teams such as [SynC]Sync eSports.

There is much talk about servers when it comes to playing US vs EU - what is your take on it? Do you like the current rules or would you change something?

The rules state that since we're a USW team, all matches against teams from Europe will be hosted on USE servers. I understand how that can be frustrating for both regions. I feel that our team make-up doesn't really allow us to perform on European servers with most of our team living in the west and several who are in Latin America. I wish there was a better solution to the server issues so that teams from USW and EU could play with minimal ping issues.

[BMG]BadMonkeyGaming is your next opponent this weekend, how do you see your chances to beat them?

The new BMG is another newly formed team, just like Nullstone Gaming. We did face them in the Winner's Bracket and even though we lost the matches, we tried something new and went out of our comfort zone. Which we won't make the mistake of again. I'm definitely looking forward to facing them again this weekend. I believe it'll be a good series.

What about your future plans? Any major goals for this Season and beyond?

We want to keep improving on our teamwork and make it into the top 2 teams. I definitely believe that we have the potential, with some more practice.

What do you think makes your team special? Any secrets you can part with?

We're all diverse players and we can play a vast array of heroes in our roles. Like typical Americans, we all go and get McDonald's before each match (Just kidding). But in all seriousness, we're pretty disappointed that we let Minimaggot down on his bet to give up his tea [editor’s note: grim]. We're going to attempt to bring him justice.

You are pretty much the only US team in the top levels of HoN nowadays. Does that make you a little sad or lonely or do you enjoy all the attention and pressure that comes with it?

We wish that there were more US teams that could compete at a higher level. It's especially difficult to find scrims. The attention that we receive can be fun at times, for instance when twitch viewers will spam "USA" in the Honcast chat.

Who do you see as the strongest team after Sync right now (excluding yourself of course)?

Willowkeeper seems to be a strong opponent and I would place them in second behind Sync.

Any predictions who will win the Grand Finale of Season 3 after the cycles have ended?

It's still early in the season and a lot of things can happen from now until then. But if I had to choose a team now, I would go with Sync. They have amazing teamwork and a lot of skilled players.

Shoutouts here, if you have any!

I want to give a shoutout to the players on my team, Nullstone Gaming. Also, a huge shoutout goes to the viewers and fans. Thanks for supporting us as a team and we look forward to providing you guys with a lot of entertaining matches in the new few months!

And there you have it. Next game for Nullstone Gaming will be on Saturday at 12:00 EDT | 18:00 CEST when they will meet up with BadMonkeyGaming in a series that is going to be amazing, so don't miss it. Good Luck and Have Fun to both teams and to quote Beef: "USA USA"!

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