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In the last weeks, a team made a smashing comeback. A team that once had great potential, but had to reform after Season 2 of HoN Tour. A team that has seemed to fly under the radar, seemingly unnoticed - [TF]Twisted Fuzion. Some of you might remember them from Diamond Division of the last cycle of Season 2, and later in the Playoffs, where they made it almost into the last round. Since then it became quiet around them, most of the original members left, now only the Captain remains and reformed the team. After a few slipups initially, they won Cycle 2 in the Gold Division and are now en route to Diamond, where they will face real competition. To get to know them a little better, I sat down with their Captain, [TwFu]Slot`PLZzZ, for a little interview about their past and future endeavours.

Blaze: Hello Slot`PLZzZ, for those who don't know you or your team in it's current form, please introduce your team, who they are and what they do.

Slot`PLZzZ: The players who are in our team are Slot`plzzz, Time2die, Architiger, Allstarmac and sALEEEEEM. About their roles: Time2die plays Carry mostly, Architiger plays jungle or mid, Saleeem plays suicide or mid, Allstar mac is our main support and I play what ever needs to be played, it depends on the plan we are going for.

When and how was your team created?

The original team was created before Cycle 8 in HoN Tour Season 2. People wanted to go for the HoN Tour and they asked me to join them. A couple of changes had happened in the team and I became Captain,at that time players was Anders_me, Saxyskal, Umros, Abu11fuand.

Let's start in the past, Season 2 of HoN Tour was quite successful for your team. You marched right through the brackets at the end of the Season and got into the Playoffs, did you expect to go that far?

We were expecting to go even further than that since we had faith to each other and strong will, but unfortunately we never had much time for practice.

Carnage in Caldavar was much less of a success for you guys, what happened during that time?

During Carnage in Caldavar I had to recreate a new team since my old teammates had stopped playing HoN cause of real life issues, so I can say we kinda managed pretty good for starters.

In the Season 3 qualifiers you only managed to get into Silver Division, but moved on quickly from there, ending up Champion of Gold Division, and now moving up to Diamond in the next Cycle. What are your goals and expectations for the coming weekend with the "big boys"?

In the Season 3 Qualifiers once again we were lacking players. To tell you the truth I had a hard time finding people who wanted to play with my style and my draft. So, things happened and we didn’t have a good start, but with the moral support from Allstarmac and with the help trying to find players we got what we needed. Time2die decided to join us, because when he played in doca we played a lot vs each other and had good mannered friendship from that. That was a big impact for me since he was the only player I knew from the old HoN Tour. After that we were 3 players, so we had to search for new players. We had some tryouts and the one that was most convincing was saleem: he has a big hero pool and that he has individual skill and saleem is a guy who does hold the moral up high. After saleem joined us we felt we needed a strong 5th player. I saw that ArchiTigeR was clanless and he is also a friend of mine so I just had to ask him. He accepted and he became the last piece of the puzzle ;) . After we made this new roster the only thing we did was go up, up, up! Our goal for this cycle is to remain in Diamond and also show the HoN community some different kind of picks ;). You will have to see it in action but i think we will be able to play with the big boys; we are very confident that we will show something new to the scene.

Your team seems to be as strong and capable as another new team of Season 2, "[tree]willowkeeper". You both impressed during the last Season 2 cycles, did exceptionally well in the Playoffs, failed (a little) in Carnage in Caldavar and are now going places - but the trees seem to have taken all the spotlight. Why do you think that is and will it change soon?

Willowkeeper is a great team to watch because of their play style is pretty interesting. It will also be interesting to see how we will end up versus them since we are playing vs willowkeeper in the first round and we have something special to look forward to. I think that the reason behind them being so good right now is mainly because of roster changes , Sync and Willowkeeper are the teams that haven't changed a player.

Several teams are now competing to become the next direct challenger and threat to Sync eSports. Do you think you can play on their level too, and who do you think is the most likely candidate to defeat them in the future?

I think that Sync is a great team and they have had the same lineup for long period of time so they are really good and their individual skill is nice as well, and their communication is perfect. The only way people can beat them is if people play something really weird where they get "mindf%#&ed" and don’t know how to play against that lineup, because how are you gonna draft against a lineup that you have never seen being played. I think thats the only way right now.

Do you have any special strategies, weapons, heroes that you like to use? Like willowkeeper have their Riftwalker, SuperKGE has Devourer and so on. Any signature heroes or plays?

Lets put it like this: people know that we like some heroes like Salamon, Legionnaire and Balphagore, but from us you will see a lot of different strategies and heroes

What do you think have been your greatest moments and biggest failures so far? And what do you want to achieve in the future?

The greatest moment was when we played against Team Kagge and NK at the Playoffs of HoN Tour Season 2. And when it comes to the new roster I can tell you that the greatest moment was when we started playing more and more and we are feeling more and more like a family who helps each other and stick together through good and bad things, life is going up and down all the time. My goal is to prove to the HoN community that you can manage to get to the top if you have strong will and believe in yourself and in your team. Gaming is like life, nothing is for free.

Any shoutouts you want to make?
Shoutouts to: W0P clan, `Okami, Qzain`, Dezy, Rashiee, Coolkille99, Mau

And that's it from Twisted Fuzion for now. See them live in action this Saturday when they will play against willowkeeper in the first round of Cycle 3 in the Diamond Division as always at 12:00 EDT | 18:00 CEST. This game will be the first official match for the two teams since HoN Tour Season 2 Grand Finals Qualifiers and the roster changes in TwFu, so it should be extra interesting. Back then, willowkeeper kicked them out in the second round in the Losers Bracket, after losing to them in the match before, making the match on Saturday extra crispy and intense. Good Luck to both teams!

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