Team History

QsQ emerged due to an initiative by former fnatic support NoVa, who wanted to build a new team. That team was not going to be formed with existing all-stars or big names in the community, but on shared values and chemistry. As a result, NoVa introduced the Q sQuad project, which ran several tryouts and scrims and produced multiple teams and introduced many new players to the competitive scene of HoN.

In the end QsQ (formerly QsQ 357) became the most successful of them all after three playoff appearances in the DreamHon tournament series and a spot in the DreamHack Winter 2024 tourney.

Meet the Players

NoVa initiated QsQ after his departure from fnatic.Raidcall, the most dominant team Heroes of Newerth has ever witnessed. He was around players like Trixi, n0tail, Freshpro and later H4nn1 and Era to form the greatest team in the history, winning four consecutive DreamHack Championships on top of several online cups. Now NoVa will return to the scene of his greatest success with a completely different team, but with ambition and potential to become the first player to reach five consecutive titles at the biggest LAN in the world.

Helping NoVa is a young squad of potentially great players. The most experienced of them is probably Jonassomfan, who was a part of the original Lions after they impacted the scene but got replaced with Era pretty early on. After that he became a part of Druidz Epsilon and several other minor teams until he got called up to join QsQ.

Another core QsQ player is the Finnish jungler Malle, who has been part of DmSn and KD Gaming with players like iNsania and KheZu and was a contributing member of the Finnish UNGL Nations Cup team that became Iso Pelit. Big success still eludes Malle as a Heroes of Newerth player, but QsQ could change that.

NoX (Horspel) has been around the scene for ages. As a former member of Ayyy Man, Decerto and several other small projects he has gathered experience in the scene—experience that helps him now as he plays at the absolute top level as a carry. In the current meta game he is one of the keys to the huge success that QsQ is having.

Completing the lineup is the Belgian youngster Style, who has emerged as a feared competitor in the mid lane, where he crushed several big players in recent history. Still, he is one of the more inexperienced members of the team and has to get used to the pressure that top-tier Heroes of Newerth demands.

On the Verge of Greatness

Behind the established teams like compLexityGaming, Trademark eSports and Tt eSports, QsQ is the next big thing. They qualified for DreamHack Winter 2024 and are eyeing HoN Tour to take the next step in the natural progression of the project.

Since the team has started they have been on the rise—the question is what the limit will be. In their first tournament they reached the playoffs; in the second tournament they entered the Final Four. After that they claimed their DreamHack ticket.

Can they follow that up with splendid results at HoN Tour and DreamHack Winter? Stay tuned to find out.

- Sören "Fantasy"