By Blaze

The weekend is coming up fast and this means many pleasant things, but one in particular: HoN Tour! We are now at the fourth Cycle of the fourth season and it's not even halfway over, so there are plenty more chances for every team to get their share of the cake and win a Cycle to eventually get into the International Finals. But let's not go that far yet and focus on this Cycle instead. Eight teams will once again stand ready to fight everyone else in the Group Phase the next 9 days before the best four of them go into the Playoffs to fight for the large part of the prize money and points for the Tour. And after last Cycles interesting events, we have a new team in the Division as well as the first team that won two Cycles this Season. Let's check in with the teams:

They had a pretty solid Cycle 3 again after the big facepalm that was Cycle 2 for them. BMG managed to go second place and did so with style, only bowing down to the Champions in the end. Cycle 4 will show us if they learned all their lessons from Cycle 2 or if they go under again. Mister Fusen promised me that it will all be better now, so I am expecting a lot.

[coL]compLexity Gaming
Champions of Cycle 1 and 3, coL is going hard right now. They played stellar in the last Cycle when it counted and showed how easy it can be to become Champion in HoN Tour, all you need is 5 top players, top teamplay, a lot of motivation and a tiny little bit of luck. If they have all that again this Cycle, we will have to see, one thing is for sure though: they are the team to beat right now and there are seven teams who will try their hardest to do so.

[ECx]Evil Corporation
ECx ranked third last Cycle, but they must have felt like they came in last place. They owned the Group Phase of Cycle 3 and started out very well in the Playoffs, but then lost the Winners Bracket match eventually and then also lost to BMG in the Losers Bracket Finals. That must have felt horrible. Well, their time for revenge has come and a whole new Cycle wants to be owned by them, so watch Evil Corporation try to take over the Group Phase once more!

EVil Corporation wasn't the only team that failed last Cycle. Fresh, the Champions of Cycle 2, managed to gather only a little more than a handful of points in the first week of the Group Phase and then had to watch as the competition kicked them right out of the Playoff ranking without the chance for them to do anything about it. A true kick in the butt, but one they can make up for again now. The team is known for amazing performance spikes with a long cooldown in between, maybe this time it's faster?

[MysT]The Mystery Gang
To call The Mystery Gang the noobs of the Diamond Division would be wrong, as they have basically been playing on Diamond level before and only because of some unfortunate events (such as losing Relegation Matches) they failed to get here so far. But that is over now, they are here and will probably do some good for the whole group by bringing in some fresh air. Their first Cycle here may be just about survival, but who knows how far they can go this Season if they got used to Diamond again?

[Rea]Reason Gaming
The sad fourth place team of Cycle 3. It always sucks to go into Playoffs and then get eliminated first, but someone has and in the end even getting that far was a great achievement for the new Reason Gaming. Now they need to show that they can play on that level continuously, make it into the playoffs again and there perhaps get to third place. They have shown that they have the skill to do it, so the ball is in their corner now.

Oh, Revolution. Survivors of several rounds of Relegation, this team needs to finally leap forward and get some wins rather than get a few draws and hope for the best. With The Mystery Gang now in the Group and several others looking vulnerable, this might finally be time for Revolution. Hopefully they can do something now, otherwise the next Relegation might be their last, at least for a while.

Previously known as [PanY]Pannys Boys and Ex-Sync before that, the Griefers are actually looking like a strong team again with the addition of Haxxeren this Cycle. Of course it's not just about one player, but if you look at their lineup now, you will see a lot of high level skill and in time they might become a top team again. One thing is sure though, they really like to make new team names and keep the admins and writer on edge.

On Saturday we will start the Cycle with six delicious games, starting at 12:00 EDT | 18:00 CEST with compLexity Gaming versus Evil Corporation, a top match right away, and The Mystery Gang versus Revolution, probably the most important match for both teams, as both will most likely see that match as the easiest at this point and they need to get 3 points here. Evil Corporation and Revolution will have a date then at 14:00 EDT | 20:00 CEST while compLexity Gaming shows The Mystery Gang how HoN has evolved since they last met and finally at 16:00 EDT | 22:00 CEST, BadMonkeyGaming will play Evil Corporation and compLexity Gaming faces Revolution. And just to remind all the europeans, after Saturday, the Summer Time finally ends and we will have proper CET time again, so remember to set your clocks, the Sunday matches will start at 12:00 EDT | 18:00 CET. Honcast will cover the events live as usual, so make sure to tune in on time, it's going to be great! Good Luck and Have Fun to all teams!

BlahC is a senior writer focusing on the NA/EU Diamond and Gold Divisions. After making a name for himself in the Dawn of War 1 scene, he began his career in journalism at As one of the first HoN Tour writers, BlahC has focused on the less known teams, bringing their name to the forefront. When he isn’t writing about HoN, BlahC enjoys playing RPGs, writing fiction, and listening to Metal, Avantgarde, and Neofolk music.

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