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How to create your Hontour profile

Leon casino, 1. Register or choose a pre-existing HoN account for tournament use.
2. Go to Hontour.com -> Login on your HoN account using your standard login info.
3. From the grey menu: click Register, fill out the form and submit.
* If after you submit the form you get the following error “You, or one of your sub-accounts, are already signed up for HoN Tour.” go to Support and contact an Admin for Account swap.

How to create a team

1. From grey menu: click "Create Team", fill out the form and click submit.
2. Region is determined by a majority of players being from the same region. International teams should seek Admin assistance.
3. Distribute your team link and team password (NOT your account password) to your teammates to join.

How to join a team

1. Login with your registered account on Hontour.com.
2. Go to your desired team profile, and click the “Join” button located on the upper right.
3. If you cannot join because the team roster is full (7 members), team exceeded the free roster adds, or team is in an event, please contact Admins - Support.

How to sign up for events

1. Go to Events, click on your desired event and click “Sign-up now” button under the banner.
2. You must be either the Captain or co-Captain of the team, and your team must have at least x members, where x is the tournament size (5 for 5v5, 3 for 3v3, etc).
3. You can find the event information and schedule on the respective event page.
4. Registration for Bronze events open on Monday after the previous Cycle ends.

How to play

1. It is the player’s responsibility to check the event schedule from the event page and show-up accordingly.The team profile will also show you the upcoming matches with a countdown.
2. During lobby time, the in-game “Play now” button will turn into “Hontour” button. Click and select the Hontour lobby.
- If you recently joined the team and cannot see the Hontour button, contact an Admin to reset the lobby.
- Captain and co-Captains are the drafters.
3. Lobbies are open 30 minutes before start time and close 10 minutes after start time.
- ex: Posted start time is 12:00 EDT, then lobby opens at 11:30 EDT and ends at 12:10 EDT.
4. Teams that are not fully readied up (all green) will forfeit. If both teams are not readied up, it’s a double forfeit.
- Teams that forfeit in Single Elimination tournament are eliminated from the event. Teams that forfeit in Round 1 of a Double Elimination event are eliminated from the tournament.
- Teams that forfeit in any round past the first round of Winner Bracket in are sent to Loser Bracket.
5. Once both teams are in the Hontour lobby and fully readied up, the game lobby will start, beginning the drafting phase.

Important Rules & Info

General rules

Players strictly forbidden from
- account sharing
- dirty ringing (playing on another player’s account)
- using separate accounts to play in two or more teams (no matter the events)
- playing for more than one team in the same event

All players' responsibility
- to show up on time
- to know the schedule
- to respect the rules

Captain’s responsibility
- sign-up for events
- communicate with opponents
- communicate with Admins
- distribute Cash prizes

Hontour Season 3

1. If you miss the qualifier you can sign up for Hontour between any two Cycles.
2. Bronze division teams must sign up for each event. Silver, Gold and Diamond teams are placed into tournaments automatically.
3. Gold Coin prizes will be sent automatically, divided equally between all members that played.
4. Cash Prizes - see below

Stand alone tournaments

1. There will be events outside the Hontour season. These are not worth Hontour points.
- Current tournament series: Variety Cup.
2. Gold Coin prizes will be sent automatically, divided equally between all members that played.
3. Cash Prizes - see below

Stand alone tournaments

Cash prizes will be sent to Captains via Paypal, and they will be contacted personally for further details.
Captain’s are responsible for appropriately dividing and distributing the winnings between the team members.

Admin help

Go to Support for troubleshooting and ways to contact the Admins!

Last Updated 07 / 14 / 2021

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