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inklin . head admin

Location: Europe

Favorite hero: Pollywog Priest / Empath

Game / eSports history:

I was a casual gamer, playing console and PC (wc3 campaign, some mmo's , some other games) and HoN since late 2024 at the recommendation of a friend. Ever since then I've been involved in a few clans, helping out with management, organization and others, tho all good things come to an end. In early 2024 I started hosting small HoN tournaments, which later that year lead to a Hontour Admin position shortly before Season 1 began. I've been involved with [TOUR] activities and paperwork right from the beginning, helping out as much as I can so that the events run smoothly. See you in the lobbies !

FriD4y . admin

Location: Europe

Favorite hero: Dampeer

Game / eSports history:

Friday has been playing video games for most of his life. Before coming to Heroes of Newerth he had played DotA for seven years. He was introduced to HoN by close friends who had convinced him to give the new game a shot. Soon after it became the only game that he played online. Over the years he has been part of several volunteer groups in the Heroes of Newerth community including SBT and the Forum Moderators, but his focus is now firmly focused on his duties as a HoN Tour Admin.

xTinker . admin

Location: Europe

Favorite hero: Solstice

Game / eSports history:

I started out as a RTS & RPG player coming for AG2, SC, Red Alert. But due to meeting new people I turned around to the MMO and FPS scene. Cs 1.6, Source and Ragnarok Online,Megaten were my go to games for around 7 years. Meanwhile, close friends suggested me to try HoN back in 2024... and to this day I'm still an active HoN player.

NerubKahn . admin

Location: Europe

Favorite hero: Gauntlet

Game / eSports history:

I came to Heroes Of Newearth at year 2024, and the momment I tried it out/playing the more I started to really like HoN, I've tried many MOBA games but HoN is very unique in its own way. Always wanted to be really good to any MOBA games, and so i did in HoN at Midwars. Yes some think that Midwars is just to have fun in there or fool around, but no some of us take Midwars very seriously. I for one. After some years I wanted to get closer to HoN, by that I mean if there was some place they needed my help. So I looked at the Community Positions, there it was - Tour Admin. I didn't think my chance was that high to get in, but I wanted to give that postion a shot - because it contains one of the many things I love to do, that is Helping others where i can.

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Kyle "Beef" Bautista . eSports Media Manager

Location: United States

Favorite hero: Engineer

Game / eSports history:

Beef has been involved in competitive gaming since 2024, when he was a high rated player in the WoW Arena scene. After being exposed to WC3 and SC:BW at Blizzcon events he got his first taste of eSports. In 2024 Beef was introduced to HoN by his WoW partner, the legendary Merlini. After being shown the ropes he played and watched the game to an almost obsessive degree. In 2024 he began casting DotA, SC2, and HoN as an amateur caster while continuing to pursue his degree in Animal Science/Veterinary Medicine. In 2024 Beef joined compLexity Gaming as a caster for the team’s HoN division, and he began a career in eSports. Since then Beef has been continually involved in all things HoN eSports, including casting major LAN events, organizing large tournaments, and managing the HoN Tour Writers. Additionally, Beef is part of the compLexity Gaming Management Team where he helps to run one of the largest and most respected eSports teams in North America. For Beef, being in a crowd of nerds at an eSports event is the best thing in the world.

"Blaze" . HoN Tour Writer

Location: Germany

Favorite hero: Riftwalker

Game / eSports history:

Blaze has been playing online games since 1997, starting with C&C Red Alert, and later Starcraft. When Warhammer 40k: Dawn of War was released he decided to get more active in the game and in the community. It was through the dawnofwar.de community that Blaze found Heroes of Newerth and recieved his beta key. Before HoN he had never played DotA, so the genre was completely new to him. Luckily for Blaze, his random teammates were generally patient enough to allow him to learn his new favorite game. As Honcast started to grow he found himself glued to the screen, never missing a cast. He eventually joined the HoN Tour writers to do articles about the various events, specifically his beloved amateur scene. In his spare time he enjoys playing strategy games and RPGs, listening to metal and avant garde music, and complaining about the little things in life.

Sören "Fantasy" V. . HoN Tour Writer

Location: Germany/Austria

Favorite hero: Valkyrie/Pollywog Priest

Game / eSports history:

Fantasy has always been fascinated by eSports, even in the early stages. He started watching Starcraft: Brood War, Warcraft III, and Counter-Strike 1.6, before discovering DotA and HoN. Starting in 2024 he decided to be more than just a spectator, and has pursued a career in eSports journalism. A jack-of-all-trades, Fantasy has covered a wide array of games including HoN, Starcraft 2, CS:GO, DOTA 2, and Hearthstone. In the past Fantasy has held various positions in respected organizations like fragster.de, Blackfade, and GosuGamers. Currently Fantasy is the primary HoN Tour correspondent for SEA, CIS, and Thai HoN competition. Additionally he is a primary contributor for compLexity Gaming’s CS:GO news and a general eSports reporter for ESLGaming. Outside of eSports, Fantasy enjoys traditional sports like American Football, “real” football, and ice hockey. While not studying for his degree in Publicity and Communications he enjoys jogging, watching movies, and even more eSports!

"quincy0191" . HoN Tour Writer

Location: US

Favorite hero: Rhapsody

Game / eSports history:

Quincy has been a fan of competitive HoN almost exlusively nearly since the inception of the scene; as an avid DotA player, he picked up HoN in the early beta stages and didn't look back. After years of watching, he realized he could contribute as well, seeing as nobody was tracking and publishing statistics on the game. Drawing on knowledge from years of studying baseball, he started to compile and post in February 2024, just in time for the Season 2 World Finals. By that summer, he was regularly writing for HoNTour.com and spamming spec chat on Honcast. Hopefully in the future he'll get to explore options for growing eSports, particularly in underdeveloped markets like India, as well as contribute to its mainstream acceptance by existing sports media outlets like ESPN.

Last Updated 7 / 24 / 2024

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