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SomaZ's Synchronizer is banned from all HoN Tour events until further notice!

LAT servers are available in HoN Tour and teams will be able to select Latin as their home region starting Feb 20th.

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    Sign-ups deadline

    Sign up ends Saturday, February 24th @ 11:00 EST | 17:00 CET. Brackets are made after this.


    - Dates: Saturday, February 24th until Sunday, February 25th
    - Format: 64 teams, 5v5, Captain's Pick, Single Elimination
    - Rounds: RO 64 is Best-of-1, the other rounds are Best-of-3


    - Tournament stops after RO4, as Top 2 teams advance to the Playoffs, out of which the winner goes to World Finals.


    - All lobbies will expire +10 minutes after start time from schedule above. If a match is extending after start time, there will be a 10 minutes lobby for the new round.

    Special Rules

    SomaZ's Synchronizer is banned from all HoN Tour events until further notice!

    Additional Server Rules
    - CIS based teams: register as EU

    Qualifiers - Roster adds & limitations
    For the roster used to play Qualifiers the following limitations apply:
    a) Teams may add players prior to the start of the Qualifiers, and during the event until they reached the maximum of 7 players.
    b) If a team qualifies for the Playoffs, the team cannot change any players prior to the Playoffs event.
    c) Teams may shuffle any number of players for the second Qualifier if they fail to reach the Playoffs after the first Qualifier.
    d) Teams are allowed a maximum of 7 players per Qualifier.

    Playoffs Roster Rules
    a) A team that has qualified for the Playoffs must provide their 5 man roster (composed of the members that have participated in the respective Qualifier) plus 2 substitutes to the HoN Tour staff by Wednesday, February 28th 2024. b) If a roster is not provided, the Playoffs spot will be given to a runner-up team.

    World Finals Roster Lock
    a) A roster cannot be changed after a team qualifies for the World Finals.
    b) In case more than 5 players are used during the Playoffs, the winning team must submit their 5 man roster for the World Finals. This 5 man roster must be selected from the players who have participated in the Playoffs.
    c) If the invited team cannot provide their 5 man roster, the invitation will go to the runner-up team.

    Traveling Disqualification
    All players from the winning team must be able to travel to the World Finals in Bangkok, Thailand from March 26th - April 2nd, 2024. If any member of the team cannot meet these conditions, the team will be automatically disqualified and their position will be given to the next qualifying team. If only 1 player from the team cannot travel due to visa restrictions or other traveling complications, an exception may be made and a replacement may join the team. Frostburn Studios reserves the right to make the decision on this ruling.

    Traveling Information
    All players from the winning team must submit their travel information to Frostburn Studios immediately after qualifying for the World Finals. This information includes the full name, date of birth, email, and preferred travel airport for each player on the winning team. If this information is not submitted by the end of day on March 5th, Frostburn Studios reserves the right to disqualify the team and offer the position to the next qualifying team.

    Ultimate Rulings
    Frostburn Studios reserves the right to make any decision that they deem necessary, including but not limited to:
    a) Disqualification of a team
    b) Determination of tie breaking circumstances
    c) Final ruling on any conflict or dispute
    d) Adjustment or modification to any rule at any time throughout the tournament


    Saturday, February 24th - RO 64 is BO1 / Rest are BO3
    RO 64 — 12:00 EST | 18:00 CET
    RO 32 — 13:00 EST | 19:00 CET
    RO 16 — 16:00 EST | 22:00 CET

    * If there's less than 64 sign ups the tournament will start with the first (partially) filled round on Saturday, February 24th - 12:00 EST | 18:00 CET. Empty rounds will be cancelled. The schedule will be updated once sign-ups close.

    Sunday, February 25th - BO3
    RO 8 — 12:00 EST | 18:00 CET
    RO 4 — 15:00 EST | 21:00 CET

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