There’s no need to refresh the page; you read it correctly. The NAEU region (including all regions currently playing on the NAEU client) will be sending a team to the 2024 HoN Tour World Finals. This year’s World Finals will be held at the 2024 Garena Star League in Thailand and one NAEU team will have the chance to compete on the main stage against international competition for their piece of a $68,000 prize pool (2M THB). Now that’s something to get hyped about.

We know. It’s some hype inducing news. But, let’s tuck that hype away for a hot minute and have a quick heart to heart. I want to open up for a second.

Hi. Hey. Hello. My name’s AceJR and, it’s not too much to say that I hold the HoN competitive scene very dear to my heart.

I started working with Heroes of Newerth in December of 2024 right after the HT Grand Finals at Dreamhack Winter. There’s no describing the energy in the office after that event. It was my first taste of the hype around eSports, specifically HoN eSports, and I was an instant addict.

Ever since that moment I’ve been with the HoN competitive scene through thick and thin. I know it’s hard for me to convey to you the powerful feelings that you experience when you’re on stage during an epic, high stakes HoN game and the entire crowd is hanging on every play as they are slowly lured to the edge of their seats. It might sound a bit hyperbolic but it truly is breathtaking. Despite all the naysaying that goes around, I honestly believe HoN has had one damn good eSports scene.

Behind the scenes, each and every HT Season was fought for by some very passionate S2/Frostburn team members and the road to put on a great event was always littered with unforeseen obstacles and roadblocks. Eventually, as you may have surmised, the costs of organizing these events started to outweigh the benefits and hard decisions were made, which ended HoN Tour Seasons in NAEU. However, this was not the end of NAEU competing worldwide.

Similar to last year, we’ve been given the opportunity to run a very abridged season in order to select one team from NAEU to represent the region at the World Finals. Aside from providing a team from the region, we’re letting Garena take the lead when it comes to the production of the actual event. So probably no Breaky or Frostburn production. Sorry.

Ultimately, we are more than excited to give all of our players another opportunity to represent NAEU on the main stage of HoN’s biggest event.

So, without further heartfelt rambling, here is the information for the Qualifiers for the 2024 HoN Tour World Finals.

2018 World Finals | Mar 31/Apr 1

No need to break tradition this late in the game! This year's World Finals will be held in the exciting city of Bangkok, Thailand at the Garena Star League event on March 31st and April 1st. There will be 5 teams competing for a $68,000 prize pool and it is sure to be an awesome event.

Open Qualifiers | Feb 17/18 & Feb 24/25

With the World Finals information out there, let's talk about how YOU can get there. In order to figure out who we'll send to the World Finals, we'll hold two Open Qualifiers. Each tournament will be open to any team that would like to participate. The Qualifiers will be capped at 64 teams and their format will be a Best-of-3 (Round of 64 will be Best-of-1), Single Elimination where the top 2 teams will earn a spot in the Playoffs (more information about that below.)

Playoffs | Mar 3/4

The 4 teams that advance through the qualifiers will head back to the battlefield to compete in a double elimination tournament with best of 3 matches on Mar 3/4. The team that survives the competition will win their ticket to Thailand to compete on the main stage!

Here's a graphic for those who are more visually inclined:

Important Points

Here are a few points that we would like to address before you run off to the sign up page:

1) Rules

If you're not familiar with the HoN Tour Rules, head HERE and acquaint yourself with them. ***

2) Travel
The winning team will be required to arrive in Thailand on March 28th (most likely will leave on the 26th or 27th) and will leave Thailand on April 2nd. If for ANY reason more than 1 player cannot make it to for the entirety of the trip, that winning team will be instantly disqualified and the runner up will be given the World Finals spot.

3) Team Information

After the final match on March 4th, the winning and runner up teams will be required to provide Frostburn with the following information for all of its players: full name, date of birth, email, and preferred airport. If you find yourself competing in the last day of the Playoffs, please prepare this information. The winning team will be disqualified if this information is not received by end of day on March 5.

4) Final Rulings

Frostburn reserves the right to make the final ruling on any decision or rule throughout the tournament.

Final Thoughts

That's about it! We're beyond excited to send another team to compete and, seeing as we are the defending champions, whoever qualifies for the tournament has some big shoes to fill!