Here's an update on what you are going to be seeing this week in Gold Division Cycle 2:

[DrDz]Druidz eSports coming out of Silver is the first seed in Gold this cycle,, ahead of [boyy]The Big Boys (2nd) and [SOZO]Team Please (3rd), who placed 6th and 5th in cycle 1, respectively.

[vtL]Vitriolic Gaming falls from Diamond to Gold and is seeded 4th, [hade]HAVE IT and [Dmsn]AnotherDimension are seeded 5th and 6th now with [xP]Experience Gaming ranked 7th. Will we get to see Loda and Akke come to play in HoN Tour or will their team forfeit again this cycle and fall further down?

[PNIS]Pencils takes the 8th seed, falling down from Diamond. We also see [SdS]SdS, [nDMC]Endemic and [3E]Non3Ense come up from Silver seeded at 9th, 18th and 19th respectively.

With the rest of the tough competition in Gold, hopes remain high for the top 8 seeds for competition to be fierce. Vitriolic and Pencils will be seeking revenge and trying to claw their way back up to Diamond but they must first go through the proven teams who want those spots as well; with only 4 places available I am hoping to see Team Please, The Big Boys, Vitriolic Gaming and if Experience Gaming plays, they will make it. If not then possibly Have It or Druidz eSports.

With the top 3 seeds getting a bye in the first round our eyes will be drawn to some interesting matches. SdS faces [GsD]GorillaZ Gaming. After a poor showing in the first cycle GorillaZ should be seeking to improve their performance; losing this match would put them in danger of getting knocked down to Silver if they lose in Round 2 as well.

Two of the mid-tier teams will be facing off with [Ttry]Team Tryharder and Seeking Perfection. Both of these teams are capable of taking games off the higher tier teams, but they need to work on team synergy. Hero picks will be most important as they need to play to their own team’s strengths in order to overcome one another. At near equal skill level on a team level, they need to find a way to leverage certain players’ individual skill level through superior drafting.

Looking forward to the weekend I am expecting to see the proven teams coming out on top but I would like to see some lower teams strive to make it to Monday or later games. There is always room for surprise, and by viewing the brackets teams will be able to determine their placement in the Loser’s Bracket and who they will end up facing in the Winner’s to better determine 1 through 4 placements.

- Crowslaw