The Bronze US Division has seen a lot of exciting action already, despite being a smaller tournament this cycle. The semifinals are ready to be played next Saturday but let’s first take a look at those teams that managed to earn a share of points and money, but were eventually eliminated by stronger teams.

First we have the teams that finished 9th-16th in this cycle!

[AooN]Alpaca Smash
[GOLD]Gold Diggers
[SPRT]Spartan Sardines
[WHAT]What Gaming
[GiVe]Mqs Carry Squad
[Darg]Dargon Gaming

(There was one more team that reached this point solely via byes before forfeiting themselves and thus they will receive no credit)

To these teams: Good job! Enjoy your victories and try again next cycle. Maybe next time you can get a bit further!

Next are the teams that made it to the quarterfinals but were unfortunately defeated, thus placing 5th-8th:

[HaMR]Hammers of Hammerfel
[DeSu]Deadly Sushi

To these four: Well done! Enjoy what you have earned and try again next time. Silver beckons and maybe next cycle will be yours!

But enough of those who did not make it, let's see who will play next Saturday in the semifinals:

Semifinal #1 will be played by [euni]Eunis 5, who is facing [EMA]Emma Stone is. In the last cycle, EMA was eliminated in the fourth round so it’s good to see them improve in this event.

In the other semifinal, we will see [gxL]Going extra large and [GU]Gandalf United fighting for the other final spot. Let's hope that gxL does what their name promises and we get to see some exciting games played here!

Have fun in Silver Division next cycle to all of you who qualified and good luck to the teams still playing for more points and money!

And here are the dates for the final matches to be played in the Bronze US division, this Saturday, January 12th:

15:00 ET | 21:00 CET Semifinals
18:30 ET | 00:30 CET Finals

Good luck and have fun to all participants!

- Blaze