Before we get into the list, I did want to make two interesting notes but I'll keep it brief.

  1. As I was going through the many stats from all of the games in HoN Tour to find out which heroes were played the most, it started to get quite redundant. I actually didn't even notice that I had missed one of the top six played heroes in the Diamond Division, Wretched Hag, who was played 78 times in the top league. That ranks her 4th in Diamond but she just managed to crack the top 10 of the overall played heroes with 574 games.This initially seemed odd to me that a hero would get so many plays in only one division, but as I thought about it, I started to understand. As a suicide hero and late game semi carry, it can be harder for the non-pro HoN players to utilize her throughout the game. If they could pick a hero that is easier to utilize for them, then why wouldn't they?

  2. I was quite surprised how similar the list was from division to division as the top six played heroes were practically identical. It shows the versatility of the heroes and their ability to perform from skill level to skill level.

Now on to the list!

#6. Tempest
When I originally started to put this list together, I had planned on doing a top five but, because of Tempest's use in higher ranked games, I had to add him in. He was played 749 times overall and broke into the top five in two divisions: Gold and Diamond. Tempest is a hero that requires a sensitive hand with precise timing and good teamwork to get the most out of his abilities. He’s not an extremely strong ganker or roamer, making him a bit harder for the less experienced players to handle. However, in skilled hands, Tempest shines in teamfights and can dominate a game. He is also one of the fastest junglers in the game, allowing him to be more effective earlier than other heroes.

#5. Engineer
A popular support hero, Engineer was played in 825 games over the tournament. In each division, he was ranked the fifth most played hero, making him a solid pick for any team. Engineer is great at crowd control, making him useful for the entire game. His ultimate is an extremely strong AoE ability that has the potential to turn any teamfight around. Plus he provides reliable counter initiation, helping his team recover from bad situations. Overall, Engineer can be a major asset to teamfights and on his own, making him a great pick!

#4. Glacius
This frigid Hellbourne hero was played 925 times over the entire tournament. He is an Intelligence support hero that can be easily played by any skill level. Thanks to his global mana regeneration aura and useful skill set, he is a must-have hero in any game. Glacius is one of the strongest support heroes out there and it’s his versatility that makes him one of the most desired heroes in Newerth.

#3. Plague Rider
A major suicide and support hero, Plague Rider was played 959 times. Though he wasn't played as much in the Diamond Division, Plague Rider was utilized effectively in the lower leagues. He excels at creating massive devastation in teamfights but he is most effective in lane. Extinguish allows him to kill his own creeps to deny his opponents gold and experience. This also gives him an advantage by being able to pull the lane back to his tower easier. Whether you're playing as his original avatar or as the faceless Frost Rider, this hero is easy to pick up and fun to play.

#2. Bubbles
This destructively adorable turtle was ranked in at #2 with 1009 plays overall. His ability to play any role in the game (along with his Patriot Bubbles avatar, protector of justice and all things Legion!) makes him a powerhouse in any lineup. Bubbles doesn't require a lot of farm and competitive teams love him for that. As long as he's getting levels, he'll be useful. Shell Surf makes for a reliable escape or a powerful initiator for teamfights. Overall, he is an amazing hero and his rank reflects that.

#1. Aluna
Capturing the top spot with 1085 games played, Aluna showed her diversity and popularity with the HoN Tour community. She can be a ganker, semi-carry or even hard support, making her one of the most versatile heroes in HoN. Most players will tell you that her reach is what truly makes her a great hero. Despite being quite squishy, she has a long spell and attack range so she can sit in the back of fights and deal damage from relative safety. Power Throw, her second ability, is actually one of the highest damage non-ultimate abilities in the game, making Aluna invaluable in the laning phase. She also has a ranged stun that can be used effectively early game and, when paired with her ultimate, is devastating in teamfights.. She is an amazing hero to play and the HoN Tour community has made that clear.

- LBHackEmUp