The HoN Tour rules 2.6 and 2.7 have been modified to the following:

2.6. Playoffs Roster Rules
a) A team that has qualified for the Playoffs must provide their 5 man roster (composed of the members that have participated in the respective Qualifier) plus 2 substitutes to the HoN Tour staff by Wednesday, 22nd February 2024. b) If a roster is not provided, the Playoffs spot will be given to a runner-up team.

2.7. World Finals Roster Lock
a) A roster cannot be changed after a team qualifies for the World Finals.
b) In case more than 5 players are used during the Playoffs, the winning team must submit their 5 man roster for the World Finals. This 5 man roster must be selected from the players who have participated in the Playoffs.
c) If the invited team cannot provide their 5 man roster, the invitation will go to the runner-up team.

Make sure that you take this into consideration for the rest of the HoN Tour Open Event.