Another weekend full of HoN Tour is behind us and Cycle 4 is now in full swing. Hundreds of teams competed in the Bronze Division to gain money, points and to advance to Silver Division. In the Bronze EU Division, the last 16 teams standing have been determined! Let's take a look at these teams and the matches that await us next Saturday.

[TGCH]The Gentlemens Club

While The Gentlemens Club had to fight hard for their advancement in the round of 32, bedlookslikeabed have yet to lose a match, so this should be an interesting matchup!

[LPU]Little Pink Unicorns

Once again Little Pink Unicorns manages to get into this round. Will they finally make it to Silver this time or can Wardeded stop them?

[MOG]MVP Open Group Slot

Both teams haven't lost a single game yet, but this streak will be over for at least one of these teams.


Each team has an impressive record for this cycle so far. Both has played plenty of games and while APM managed to stay undefeated in all of them, InvisibleSeaSerpent were able to take out [KoTH]KING OF THE HILL on their way here, who had been in their spot the last cycles.

[LSD]need more ship

Even though many teams have a forfeit win or two along the way, these two teams both had to win all of their matches so far. Let's hope this amount of practice pays off and we will see plenty of action and big plays here.

[MMv3]Midget Mafia v3

Midget Mafia v3 is another veteran of the Bronze Division, they were here before last cycle and want to get even further this time. GoldenBalls however seems prepared and they go into this match with no lost games on record.

[TaGa]Teds Angels Gaming
[MJ]My Jeans

Once more, two teams go into this round very strong, Teds Angels Gaming has yet to be defeated and My Jeans only lost one game so far.

[ZnS]Zubmit and Sons

Zubmit and Sons haven had to play much yet, so it will be quite a challenge to go against Vodkagaming, who had plenty of practice over the weekend.

All of these teams have done well to get this far. Congrats to winning some prize money and having the chance to go Silver next cycle! Good luck and have fun next weekend!
The round of 16 will be played this Saturday, the 26th. Here are the exact times:

09:00 ET | 15:00 CET RO 16
12:30 ET | 18:30 CET RO 8

- Blaze