Last Saturday, the question of who will be the new champions in the Silver Division of this Cycle was answered! After a close match against [MOE]Moes Tavern in the Semifinals, [hade]HAVE IT managed to defeat [DASH]Rainbow Racers to be declared Silver Champions of Cycle 4!

Congratulations to HAVE IT for going Gold in the next Cycle and for earning some money and HoN Tour Points! Also congrats to the other teams who went far in Silver Division Cycle 4: Rainbow Racers for 2nd place, Moes Tavern for 3rd place and [wO]Wards Overrated, who placed 4th and will move on to Gold despite forfeiting their semi final match against Rainbow Racers. Good luck next time, guys!

Silver Cycle 5 of HoN Tour will start this Saturday, February 2nd at 12:00 EST/ 18:00 CET

- Blaze