Going into the weekend, we were setting up to have an exciting Finals in Gold Division. [aL]Absolute Legends was facing [SdS]SdS in the Loser’s Semifinals, while [Dmsn]AnotherDimension faced [oo7]We Are Spies in the Winner’s Bracket Final.

SdS defeated Absolute Legends 2-0, leaving them with 4th place and giving SdS a perfect 4-0 record against Absolute Legends this Cycle. Meanwhile, We Are Spies continued their dominance with a win over AnotherDimension, 2-0. This put We Are Spies in the finals with a 1-0 lead over whoever won between SdS and AnotherDimension in the Loser’s Bracket Finals on Saturday.

AnotherDimension would get a free pass to the Grand Finals as SdS had to forfeit the match, putting them in 3rd place and securing a trip to the Diamond Division. This left us with a rematch of the Winner’s Bracket Finals: AnotherDimension versus We Are Spies.

We Are Spies were up 1-0 going into the match and 3-0 overall versus DmSn this Gold Cycle. That would prove to be telling as We Are Spies came out on top defeating DmSn in two straight matches to take the series 3-0. They finished the Cycle 5-0 against AnotherDimension and, for the first time, we see someone go through a whole Gold Cycle without dropping a single game, going 10-0.

"We feel it shows how much improvement we have made as a team,” said We Are Spies carry player Diglet_ on their success. “Our teamwork, communication, and overall skills have greatly increased and now we are where we belong, in Diamond."

Diglet_ is a sponsored streamer by Blight Gaming and you can find his stream here. At this time, his sponsor only sponsors him and his stream but he feels like his team would benefit from a sponsorship in the future.

"Now that we are confident as a team, we will be looking into a team sponsorship to help the team grow even more and give us something else to work forward to," said Diglet_.

We Are Spies are currently ranked 8th in HoN Tour after Cycle 4, which puts them in the Garena Star League Qualifier #1, which will take place after Cycle 5. Best of luck to them as well as AnotherDimension, SdS and Absolute Legends as they enter Diamond next Cycle. Also, a welcome to the teams coming to Gold from Diamond: [C1K]Call It Karma, [FyKu]Fack You Kurdi and [QsQ7]QsQ 777.

- Crowslaw