Last Saturday, Cycle 5 of HoN Tour started and the Silver Division played four rounds of exciting matches. Now the best four teams of this Cycle are left in the semi finals and, this coming Saturday, we shall find out who has the stuff to become the Silver Division Champions of Cycle 5!

Let's take a look at the teams who qualified for the semi finals and who they had to beat in the previous round.

First, there is [euni]Eunis 5, the Champions of Bronze US in Cycle 4. They beat [Sirz]Like a Sirz in the quarter finals and are now facing [0u0]GoldenBalls, who in turn defeated [sDVO]STeam Davao. This should be a very interesting matchup indeed, as Goldenballs are the Champions of Bronze EU of Cycle 4!

The other semi final will be decided between [BMM]A HonTour Team, who defeated [ISS]InvisibleSeaSerpent, and [wrdd]Wardeded, who won over [F4NG]Fntastic4nGombos to get here. Wardeded was also a semi finals participant in Bronze EU last Cycle, so A HonTour Team is the only team that already had experience in Silver in the previous Cycle.

All in all these matches seem quite interesting and I am sure we are in store for some thrilling games indeed. So good luck and have fun next Saturday and congrats to all mentioned teams for qualifying for Gold!

- Blaze