Yesterday's Winner’s Bracket matches in Gold saw [Pika]Pikachu and [CM]Clan Milk move on to the Winner’s Bracket Finals which they will play this Thursday. Clan Milk defeated [TZES]Twilightzesports 2-0 while Pikachu won an exciting series against [hade]HAVE IT 2-1, knocking both teams to the Loser Bracket.

The previous day, we saw Qlimax Crew defeat [L00K]L00K AT MY HORSE before being taken out by [QsQ7]QsQ 777 who beat [WSD]Slash Defenders the match before. Now QsQ 777 is set to face Twilightzesports to see who gets promoted to Diamond next Cycle. [MOE]Moes Tavern is having a field day in the other bracket, as they have defeated many top teams on their path to glory. They are set to face HAVE IT after defeating [C1K]Call It Karma and [DrDz]Druidz eSport.

In the last update, I was mistaken by what the bracket was showing, as it was saying the Druidz and [f20]FyKu 2pt0 match would not take place after FyKu's forfeit in the Winners Bracket. It went on as normal where Druidz Esports won 2-1. My apologies for being misinformed in the matter.

Moes Tavern has been the most surprising team this Cycle. They were one of the teams promoted from Silver and so far they have gone through many of the up and coming teams who I would suspect to be able to make it to Diamond. And yet here’s Moes Tavern just one match away from Diamond themselves.

For today's matches, I'm going to predict that Moes Tavern will once again shock me and defeat HAVE IT, who have come a long way bouncing back from their Silver Cycle 4. QsQ 777 may be too strong for the Twilightzesports boys but they have proven themselves contenders for promotion to Diamond. They just may not have what it takes to defeat the strong QsQ 777 team.

I spoke briefly to Tr4n of Moes Tavern and he had this to say about what his team's plans were going into Gold.

"Our plan from the start was to be in Gold and maintain Gold while improving as a team. When we got there, we wanted to survive the first few games to stay but somehow we managed to take games from the better teams in Gold and got this far."

After losing to Twilightzesports in the first round due to network issues in game 2 resulting in a 4v5 matchup, they are seeking revenge in the Loser’s Bracket Semifinals.

"I hope they (Twilightzesports) win just to get revenge," Tr4n remarked when asked about the other bracket match.

Though first of all, they have to go through HAVE IT, who they previously faced in Silver, losing 2-1.

"We have played against HAVE IT in Silver and we were the only team to take one game from them that Cycle,” said Tr4n. “So I feel confident we can take one game and even win."

I asked him for his opinion on the Winners Finals as well.

"I don't know so much about Clan Milk but I feel like Pikachu has the upper hand in that matchup," Tr4n said. "Good luck to them, may the best team win."

My sentiments exactly. May the best team win and I hope for an excellent Gold Finals this Saturday.

- Crowslaw