Gold Division Cycle 6 starts today, and we see new teams and old favorites enter the competition. I am looking forward to seeing the strength of teams and the return of some original Gold players including ZoSo_oSoZ and mzry.

Many teams such as [BLZE]Team Blazin EU, [cTi]Perfection Esp, [REMI]RemigijusBubblus formerly Twilightzesports, [MOE]Moes Tavern, [WSD]Slash Defenders and [DrDz]Druidz eSport all have been in Gold for a while now. Many of them even have come from lower brackets but have troubles reaching the final four in order to go to Diamond. While all these teams have remained strong contenders, we see teams such as [C1K]Call It Karma, [vdT]Vietnamese Dream, [oo7]We Are Spies, [DonD]DoberOnDamp and [SdS]SdS who will be able to contend now for Diamond once again. All former Diamond teams, they will now meet in the Gold brackets once again.

Teams entering Gold

After last Cycle, we have 4 teams entering Gold again from Diamond to replace those that have gone up in ranks. Those teams are We are Spies, DoberOnDamp, SdS and lastly [Dmsn]AnotherDimension. With DmSn disbanding just barely a month after picking up Sender to their roster, they are out of the competition for now, sitting in 19th position overall on the standings.

"I don't know, I guess it's a combination of high expectations and then not living up to them. Followed by a lot of frustration as people kept making the same mistakes/not seeing their mistakes. It resulted in me becoming frustrated with them and the team atmosphere went to shit and we called it quits,"Caspae the captain of AnotherDimension said earlier about his team breaking up.

Just like with the teams who were demoted, some of the teams left Gold to take the competition to the Silver league. The teams to replace them with the promotion to Gold are [Sirz]Like a Sirz, [euni]Eunis 5, [0u0]GoldenBalls, [sDVO]STeam Davao, [BYE]A HonTour Team, [ISS]InvisibleSeaSerpent, [wrdd]Wardeded and [F4NG]Fntastic4nGombos formerly fntastic3nGypsyS and lett och vinna before that.

A HoNTour Team is a notable team for causing some trouble with the brackets in the lower matches with their controversial team name. They were asked to change their name from what was bye to the current A HoNTour Team; I guess they couldn't come up with anything interesting, although it is unique to name yourself that.

Eunis 5 finally makes their appearance in Gold, after splitting and forming from a few teams who were originally Gold. We now see mzry leading a new roster in Gold once again. There was no doubt he would end up here again and hopefully his new team can make it to Diamond with enough practice.

Roster changes

With a new cycle comes new rosters and teams, the largest change so far has been the addition of ZoSo_oSoZ formerly of [SOZO]Team Please to join DoberOnDamp.

"He is a great player and a much needed addition to our roster. He's been playing a fantastic jungle so we're excited for our new possibilities with him," said Porch, captain and drafter of DoberOnDamp of new recruit ZoSo_oSoZ.

"I've been playing with them for a couple weeks now and we mesh pretty well so far. They're a great group of guys and they all want to win so straight to diamond for us," said ZoSo_oSoZ on joining the Dober squad and feeling confident about their chances in Cycle 6.

Call It Karma has gone through roster changes for what is now entering their first cycle without a full team roster. They are currently still seeking a 5th player, and they may not have enough players to play in Cycle 6.

With AnotherDimension disbanding, Caspae has put it forward that he is actively seeking to play with a new team. In addition to DmSn it was announced last week that [PUDG]Dendis jungldevos would be stepping down from playing competitively, although it is rumored that Tjore is still wanting to play, but he was unavailable for comment and possible confirmation about the topic.


With the cycle starting tomorrow we see Cycle 6 favourite We Are Spies lining up in first place to try and take another clean Gold Division win. The last time they were here in Gold Cycle 4 they went the entire cycle without dropping a match. In addition to them I include Smackdown Syndrome, the boys of SdS will be fighting for Diamond yet again as they are actively trying to improve themselves as a team. The newly named Vietnamese Dream, formerly FyKu 2pt0 which consisted of FyKu and vtL joining together will also be trying for a spot to reach Diamond yet again.

The aforementioned DoberOnDamp will be vying for a top spot as well, confident going into this new cycle with their strong roster with their most recent addition. They may prove to be a challenge for many who come across their path. Moes Tavern, Druidz Esports and RemigijusBubblus all are capable of sneaking into that top four spot with enough of a strong showing this cycle.

Sadly only four teams can advance to Diamond, and without the brackets it is too much to predict where each team will place in standings but after the weekend we will see who will be moving on into the weekday matches.

- "Crowslaw