Another weekend is behind us and results right in front of us! The Silver Division has advanced to the semi-finals and we already know who will play in the Gold Division next Cycle. Let's take a look at these teams and the upcoming semi-finals!

[MOG]MVP Open Group Slot defeated [DASH]Rainbow Racers and will now play in the first semi-final against [AgT]Any Given Time, who were victorious against [Bx3]Bloodbath N Beyond. Both matches ended 2:0

The second semi-final will be played by [iPel]Isot Pelit, who won 2:1 in a close match against [Duel]Do You Even Lift Bro, and [BETA]Stats Matter, who themselves won 2:0 against, [/[nX]Animus VoxURL].

Congrats to all teams for qualifying for Gold, for winning money and points and good luck to the remaining four teams in the last matches!

- Blaze