The new HoN tour Cycle is barely one game old and we already have an intense matchup, where two top teams fight for survival. With both [LION]Lions eSportsKlubb and [357]QsQ losing their first round matchup against [AiD]Afraid and [xCet]Team Excellent, they are now facing each other in the Losers Bracket.
Only one thing is for sure: one of these two teams, who are currently fourth and fifth in the tour ranking, will remain in the Diamond Division. The other team has to finish this season of HoN Tour in the Gold Division. Adding to the intensity of this fight for survival is the fact that Lions and QsQ are good friends and have often scrimmed together. Both teams would still have enough points to play for the fourth spot to the grand finals in Vegas, but finishing in Gold Division would certainly have an impact on team morale. And being kicked out by their good friends, that will hurt just as much.

And this is not the only unexpected thing to happen today, [OTP]One Trick Pony is already out, after they had to forfeit their first round matchup against [PNIS]Pencils.

Lions and QsQ are currently in the middle of their first game. As soon as the games are over, we will update you here, so check back soon!

Update 1: QsQ just won the first game against Lions. In a 38-minute game, QsQ won with 48:18 kills and are now very motivated for the second game.

Update 2: And Lions are back! After their initial loss, they beat QsQ in the second game. Now everything is open again and a third game has to bring the decision.

Update 3: And we have a decision! Lions managed to win the third game and with this will remain in the Diamond Division, while it’s Golden times ahead for QsQ. Maybe it was because QsQ had their great 24h marathon just a day ago or it was just one of these days, who knows, but they certainly did not make things easier for them.

- Blaze

Update 4: After the big upset with QsQ going to the Gold Division, the Upper Bracket also produced unexpected results. For the first time in the history of the Diamond Division one of the Upper Bracket Semifinals will be the clash between Afraid and Absolute Legends. Afraid was able to push the "QsQ slayer" Team Excellent down to the Lower Bracket, while Absolute Legends mounted an incredible win over the four-time Champions Trademark eSports. For the Legends it is just the second appearance in the Upper Bracket Semifinals, while Trademark never left the Upper Bracket this early in a Cycle. A great Sunday is awaiting us.

- Sören "Fantasy"